Surviving Mommyhood – Angel Dear Blankies

Another must-have soothing item for Abby is the ultra soft and gorgeous Angel Dear Blankies.  Seriously they are so soft, that if it was acceptable for me as an adult to sleep with one I might!  She literally used to put it over her head when she was really little and fall asleep.  Now she

Surviving Mommyhood – Tommee Tippee Truly Spill Proof Sippys

Abby, while she looks like a delicate flower, is quite the bull in a china shop.  She’s into everything.  She doesn’t realize her own strength, and can be quite rough.  So I knew that I needed a sturdy sippy that wouldn’t spill, but easy for her to drink from.  That’s when I found Tommee Tippee

Surviving Mommyhood – Wubanubs

What’s a Wubanub?  Or “oh my gosh that’s so cute, what is it? where’d you get it?” Is what I often get. So some people are pro-paci or not.  I did not breast feed, so I wasn’t concerned about nipple confusion.  Then the fact that the paci that was attached to these adorable little animals

Surviving Mommyhood – 360 Sealer

Another must for us was diaper disposal.  We live in a townhouse, while it is pretty spacious, it’s not spacious enough for diapers to go into a trash in the garage or something.  In fact, we have no garage, and our trash cans are out front of our house.  So we definitely opted for a

Surviving Mommyhood – Expressive Gear

So having a baby doesn’t have to be all about the baby!! First and foremost when it comes to baby gear, safety rating is a must – but secondly, it can also reflect Mommy’s Style!! I was petrified that while we were told we were having a girl, that ooops she could have been a