New Experience with Milly’s Which Craft Art Studio At Garden State Discovery Museum

Milly’s Which Craft Art Studio Opening Soon

Milly's Which Craft Art Studio

Sneak Peek Into New Exhibit


Last week Friendspired had the opportunity to grab a sneak peek of the amazing new Milly’s Which Craft Art Studio at Garden State Discovery Museum.  This exhibit is so exciting and is sponsored by A.C. Moore.

We love that there will be various sessions for visitors to create art in very unique mediums such as mosaics and papier mache. We love the fact that the artists themselves may even be making appearances thanks to the Discovery Theater artists. We cannot wait to learn how to paint like Vincent Van Gogh with Vincent Van Gogh.

See below for their most current press release.

Featured Artists Milly's Which Craft Art Studio

A.C. Moore Inspires “Milly’s Which Craft Art Studio” At Garden State Discovery Museum

South Jersey based Craft Corporation Sponsors Local Art Experience for Kids


CHERRY HILL, N.J. MAR 24, 2016— The Garden State Discovery Museum is very excited to announce its newest exhibit, Milly’s Which Craft Art Studio crafted by local South Jersey based craft retailer, A.C. Moore. Unveiling on April 8, 2016 at 11:00 a.m., the exhibit will be a place for children of all ages to learn about and create art.  The art studio will hold sessions throughout the day for visitors to create their very own masterpieces, exploring all mediums from painting and screen printing to mosaics and papier mache.

“Milly’s Which Craft Art Studio Crafted By A.C. Moore celebrates Milly and Herb Iris and their artful life together. Their passion for the arts and belief in Art as a powerful force in transforming lives is reflected in every facet of this new, exciting hands-on exhibit.” Said Garden State Discovery Museum founder, Roree Iris-Williams, “An engaging creative venue for families, school groups, and communities to enjoy crafting and art-making together, the Art Studio is a fitting tribute to my Mom, Milly Iris, who will continue to inspire the next generation of young artists and Art-repreneurs!”

The exhibit will include daily special appearances from the Discovery Theatre sponsored by the Horizon Foundation for NJ players, as master artists teach various creative techniques, including self-portraits signature to the dynamic Frida Kahlo and the thick painting expertise of Vincent Van Gogh.

“It is so inspiring to see our staff pour their creative power into this very special exhibit. There are no boundaries to art and we are excited to give it real presence and space here at the Museum,” said Kelly Lyons, Museum Director, “We’ve been so lucky to first have Milly and Herb Iris inspire the idea and then A.C. Moore come in and give it great wings.  We can’t wait to see our tiny visitors and their parents get crafty.”

The Garden State Discovery Museum will offer a new pottery birthday party option, class field trips, and after hour rental space for painters of all ages.

A.C. Moore will also sponsor four free teacher workshops training teachers with specialized hands-on strategies developed with the Museum’s Education Department to use art across all curriculums.

“Giving back is at the core of everything we do at A.C. Moore and we are elated to partner with one of Cherry Hill’s most beloved neighborhood staples to inspire visitors from both near and far,” said A.C. Moore CEO, Pepe Piperno, “The hope is that this exhibit will bring yet another opportunity to create and share more creativity in our home community.”
In tandem with a creative lineup tailored for visitors, the art studio will house the museum internship program titled, Artist In Residence. The experience will allow students to witness the importance of partnership across all departments, from guest relations to programming and instruction.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for artists and education students alike.  I am especially excited for my [Rowan College At Burlington County] students to be involved in the hands on experience afforded with such an internship,” said Jessica Puma, “The Discovery Museum really builds from within and I am thrilled to present such a rich opportunity to area artists and art students.  Ideas and creativity will abound!”

The art studio will be open to the public during the Discovery Museum regular business hours and slated to host several scheduled classes per day. For more information, visit

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About the Garden State Discovery Museum

The Discovery Museum located at 2040 Springdale Road in Cherry Hill, N.J., is a hands-on center for infants through 10 year olds. It offers more than 20 larger than life, kid-powered interactive exhibit areas, and each one is an invitation to touch, explore and create. The Museum is open 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM daily, with extended hours until 8:30 p.m. Saturdays from October through April. Admission is $13.95 for adults and children; $12.95 for seniors. Children younger than 12 months are admitted free. For more information, call 856-424-1233 or visit

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About A.C. Moore

Create more. Share more. Save more. ™ A.C. Moore is a specialty retailer offering a vast selection of arts, crafts and floral merchandise to a broad demographic of customers. The first A.C. Moore store opened in Moorestown, New Jersey in 1985, and has expanded to more than 136 stores. Stores are located in the Eastern United States from Maine to Florida.

A.C. Moore is devoted to being the first choice for product selection, value and service that inspires and fulfills unlimited creative possibilities. The assortment, convenience, service and pricing differentiate them from their competitors. The assortment of merchandise consists of more than 60,000 stock keeping units, or SKUs, with approximately 40,000 SKUs offered at each store at any one time. They also offer custom framing in the majority of their stores. In-store events and programs for children and adults provide hands-on arts and crafts experience and encourage the creativity of customers.

For more information about A.C. Moore, visit

Jenn GaffneyNew Experience with Milly’s Which Craft Art Studio At Garden State Discovery Museum
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Shopkins Cheeky Chocolate Valentine Mailbox


Shopkins Mailbox


I have to say, I really should have planned my little two’s birthday a little further away from Valentines Day. Since their birthday is a few days away and we have a long weekend right after I usually have their party the weekend before(more on that later). However that means I am making 3 different Valentines and boxes, I really wanted to get ahead of it all between birthday party, Valentines, and box I knew if I didn’t start early I’d never get it all done in time. Thankfully this year the two littles made them in school-just another reason why I LOVE their teacher. Well of course I couldn’t get off that easily with the big one so we set off to make hers.

Now Seven knows how to search Pinterest. I’ve logged her in under my account and she just searches for all sorts of things. So I set her off to Pinterest to find something she liked. She didn’t really find anything she loved. Then we found someone had made a popcorn Shopkin (if you don’t know what these are be thankful!). We talked about it and she decided she wanted to make a large lipstick one, whose name escapes me. At that point I decided that was out of her realm of possibility. She then thought of the Shopkins she liked and she thought of the Cheeky Chocolate. However, of course that little someone needed to put her own spin on it. She decided to change the color of the wrapper.
I like to let her lead, as it’s her project. I told her I would let her use my silhouette
(cutting machine) to make the chocolate squares. I made a quick design to help make it look 3D and she really liked it!
Of course with our 5 we get all our cereals in family size boxes. That plus a little bit of cardstock and we were set.

Items Needed

  • Cereal box
  • 3 Sheets 12×12 brown paper- 2 for box 1 for hearts(White if you want white chocolate)
  • 2 Sheets “wrapper” 12×12 color
  • little bit of scrap as inside the wrapper
  • tape-used both double sided and regular
  • scissors
  • knife

Time To Craft

I opened the cereal from the bottom of the box so that the top would be sealed to cut the opening for the valentines. Since we hadn’t started the cereal I just put it to the side for them to eat later.
Lightly tape up the bottom, max 3 pieces of tape. Next cut a relatively large rectangle in the top. I used the knife to get it started and cleaned it up with the scissors.
Then cover the top of the box with your two sheets of brown and cut an x in the rectangle opening going from corner to corner. It will make it easier to fold the paper in and have a finished edge. tape those inside box. Use regular tape to adhere the paper where it will be covered. Just like wrapping a present. Use the double sided tape on edge that will be seen.
The wrapper is going at a slight angle so one you cover the area where the chocolate paper ends you can make a crease at the bottom of the page and then cut off the excess on each side. Attach same as the chocolate sheets. I left most of the bottom uncovered so that she could get to her Valentines relatively easy after they drop them off.
Seven then ripped 2-two inch wide strips of paper. We folded in half and then stuck over the wrapper paper and put a little piece of tape in the back to hold it.
Next came the eyes. I googled some Shopkin eyes and printed and cut out the mouth, eyes, and heart over the left eye. To attach you can just use tape but Seven is slightly obsessed with my Xyron “sticker” machine. She wants to use it any time she can.
shopkins studio file
Lastly, you can use the studio file or pdf to cut out the chocolate pieces and attach. Folded it so it was 3d then taped evenly across the top and 2nd row.
We decided to not do the arms or feet because it does have to travel via backpack and also we only happened to have only 2 sheets of the wrapper and no way was I going to the store to try and match the shade. The curse of a crafter. Yes I had the scrapbook card stock on hand, but can never remember where I got it and how to get more. HA!
Here she is modeling her Valentine box as I forgot to get pictures while we were making it (OOPS!!)

You can download the shopkin elements to make your own!

PDF of the chocolate pieces, eyes, & mouth
STUDIO of the chocolate pieces, eyes, & mouth
Lana BrennanShopkins Cheeky Chocolate Valentine Mailbox
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Free Printable Princess Valentines

Free Printable Princess Valentines

We love printable valentines, especially ones that are true to us!

If anyone knows us, then they know that we are obsessed with all things Disney. In fact, the other day while looking in my hope chest for something, Abby came across our wedding album. She wanted to look at it and immediately she said “Oh Mommy you were a princess!” which immediately followed with her saying “I want to be a princess too, can we play costumes?”

Now I know many moms who declare a princess free zone, or share a stance that they will not brainwash their child with all things pink, purple, princesses and fairies. Abby is very opinionated, while she loves her princesses. However, she is extremely head-strong and independent. Declaring she can do everything on her own. With that said, she also loves PJ Masks & Miles from Tomorrowland. She loves Cailou and Maya The Bee. Her whole world isn’t just princesses, but even it if was, that’s okay! She is our princess.

When we were at the store looking at valentines for her to share with her friends, I couldn’t help but feel that I wanted her to share something a little less generic. Something a little more special, and something geared more towards her age. So that is when it dawned on me that my sassy princess was going to be out of luck in these mass retailers, time to start thinking, checking out etsy, and get to creating.

Free Printable Princess Valentines and Box

We loved these princesses because they are the younger versions of themselves.  We made an adorable valentine box for them to go into. That was as easy as getting fun paper and covering a tissue box!

Free Princess Valentine Printable



You can download your very own Printable Princess Valentines below by clicking on the photo! Or you can download your very own pdf here.

princess valentines


Jenn GaffneyFree Printable Princess Valentines
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DIY Easter Pails


I’ll admit it, I totally dropped the ball on Easter this year. My in-laws are hosting, so didn’t have to worry about the food, or cleaning the house. Which is why last week I was completely thrown that I had forgotten the girls easter baskets. I personally don’t like the wicker baskets, I like to find all sorts of different things to hold their gifts.

Thankfully I went to Target and found the cutest pail for a quick little diy easter project. I love the cut outs and different interior color. I was hoping to find three different color choices, however there were only two(a very cute blue one) but if I can’t get three different kinds, I tend to make them all the same. Somehow I always give the one that is different to the kid who wants the matching one, etc etc so I try to stay away from those situations.

To add a little bit of my own touch to it, I added some vinyl. This happens to be my new favorite font. It is called Samantha Upright and I got a great deal on it over at I LOVE the look of the swirls and swishes.

To finish off my pails, I have a few odds and ends of candy, chocolate, and Big Hero 6. The girl love Baymax and think he’s hilarious. It’s great to be able to pull everything together quickly, especially with Spring Break that started on Friday-makes it much harder to do things without little eyes seeing how the magic happens.


Lana BrennanDIY Easter Pails
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DohVinci Review & Giveaway


Last week was not my favorite week. I like our week of routine. However in NJ,  last week was teacher convention on Thursday and Friday. Before that we also had 3 half days. To say our week has not been routine is putting it lightly.

To break up our long weekend I thought Seven would like to test out the new Hasbro DohVinci Style and Store Vanity.  She had a blast! Even when she had a little trouble squeezing the play doh tubes it was still fun. She started out trying to copy the design on the box but then let some creativity flow. The other two were definitely trying to get in on the action.

dohvinci1 copy

Even I had a fun time helping her with it. She really liked how easy it was to switch out colors. Also the tool that came with it had a little paw print on it and she went crazy with it.

I liked how easy it was to fix a mistake or change a design, simply wipe it with a paper towel. However those little tubes only have so much in them so you can’t be too indecisive. There are additional colors you can buy separately. I think Seven would have loved to have more choices.


dohvinci2 copy


We had a fun afternoon and I think I’ve found this year’s “must-have” birthday gift to give when we are invited to birthday parties. Instead of trying to buy a different gift for each kid, I try to find a fun, new gift that I can buy and keep on backup for all the parties we attend that I know anyone would love.

Seven is already asking to make another one and saw some of the other options in the instruction booklet so I’ll have to look out the next time we go shopping. But in the meantime, we’d love to give away a DohVinci Memory Masterpiece Complete Ribbon Board Kit.



Disclaimer: I was provided with a Doh Vinci Vanity from Hasbro, I chose to review on my own accord because I think it’s an awesome gift.  This review and these thoughts are my own.
Lana BrennanDohVinci Review & Giveaway
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