Pool Party – Favors


A month or so ago, a good friend asked me to help come up with her daughter’s birthday favor. I am always a huge fan of something edible- Seven’s chocolate skates. She was having a pool party and wanted to have it beach themed. While we were brainstorming I came up with a pail of “sand” pudding, a beach ball cake pop, and a beach ball thank you tag.

Whenever I have an idea in my head sometimes it doesn’t always translate to real life. I know what I want it to look like, can’t describe it, but somehow make it happen. It’s weird, I know.

Ingredients- For Sand Pudding
instant Vanilla pudding
Nilla Wafers (finely crushed)

There are a few different options that include whip cream, or cream cheese. Since this was for kids I decided to go with just plain pudding and crushed wafers. To make about 30 of them in a 3 inch pail I had to use about 4 large boxes, 4 single serve boxes and 2 boxes of Nilla wafers that I crushed in my food processor.

Once the pudding was firm(about 5 or so min) I scooped about an inch or so in the bottom of the pail. Then sprinkled a good amount of crushed wafers to give it a nice layer. Another layer of pudding and wafers. I left a bit of space at the top since I was adding the beach ball.

It was a pretty quick process and with the instant pudding I was done with them in a little under an hour. I liked transporting these way better than cupcakes. No frosting to get screwed up or anything-they were just heavy.


Lana BrennanPool Party – Favors
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Box Tops for Education Holder


Our schools collect Box Tops for Education to raise extra money. You know the Box Tops I’m talking about, they are on everything! I get them off our paper towels, butter, cereals, puddings, you name it.

I usually put them by the phone in our kitchen. However, with some of them being very small they get lost. I know they are only worth .10 cents each, but they add up! Lately I’ve been keeping them in a plastic sandwich bag. It works but annoying if they fall out. I needed something else, because these were just not working.

BTFE copy

I decided to come up with a box top holder. I thought about what would work. I found the mini pringles container and it is perfect. I created this pdf to wrap around it so even my husband would know where to put them! I also cut an opening in the top so I just pop the box tops in. 

Last year I took over the Box Top coordinator position for our schools. Now I want to make these containers for each of the schools for the copy rooms. I know the paper they use has one on the wrapper, so I’d like to try to get them. I have to say the Box Tops program is one of the easiest to raise money for schools. 

Box Tops For Education

If you would like to download your own printable for your Box Tops For Education can, CLICK HERE




Lana BrennanBox Tops for Education Holder
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