Give The Gift of Restful Slumber with Monster Buddy

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Give The Gift of Restful Slumber with Monster Buddy

Monster Buddy Two Hippos


Now restful slumber is a gift for not just the little ones that desperately need to sleep, but to those overtired parents that are exhausted from being woken up to help fight off those monsters under the bed. I can’t say that Abby has any issues sleeping, because she usually sleeps like a bear, but those nights where she does wake up at 3 am because of a bad dream, she does love on her monster buddy. She also loves her “blankie” that her monster buddy came with.

Abby and Monster Buddy

I love that it is compact and is super easy to travel with, we’ve taken it with us for our overnight stay in Hershey last week. Truth be told, if we are laying in my bed watching TV as we do for nightly routines, I want to steal Monster Buddy from her because it is so comfortable, especially with the memory foam.

Who is Two Hippos?

Another reason that I love Two Hippos and their Monster Buddy, it is American made and created by a mom-preneur. It was created by Natalia Ortiz, who says that her inspiration comes from her children, Nicholas & Catalina.

Two Hippos is a company that provides innovative, quality products that facilitate the lives of children by providing physical & emotional comfort to their everyday lives.
Two Hippos is a family owned small business that takes part in every step of the development of the products that end up in your home.  We make sure every product is designed, sewn and packaged with great care.  We guarantee the quality of our products because we are 100% involved and make sure that before they go to your home they’ve been in ours.

We are made in the USA as part of our commitment to the quality of our products.  We want to know who is making our products, packaging them & shipping them to you.  Our employees are hard workers with over 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry.  They form a vital part of our business & we provide them with a safe, respectable working environment.  We want to make sure that they are happy & take pride in their work.

We started Two Hippos in 2010 with our first product, the Wall Bumpi.  In 2012 I won the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant for my Wall Bumpi invention!  This was a huge accomplishment for me as an inventor & as a small business.  Thank you to Kimberly Clark, the makers of Huggies for this amazing recognition.  Since then, we’ve continued to grow, inventing more products along the way!

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What Two Hippos Says About Monster Buddy

Kids love their Monster Buddy™ because they take the fear out of the dark; parents love them because they provide a healthier sleeping environment.

Advantages of a memory foam:

  • Anti-dust mite & anti-microbial foam
  • Promotes better sleeping posture
  • Maintains body heat- keeping your child warmer at night

This lovable body pillow is made with super soft minky fabric & includes a yummy blanket housed in the back storage pocket!

Cover & blanket: machine washable


Visit Two Hippos To Purchase Your Monster Buddy

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 4.30.13 PM

You can purchase Monster Buddy at Two Hippos Website. They are $39.99 and there are incentives for ordering more than one. There are many colors to choose from. Currently Two Hippos is running the following promotion:

Buy 2 from Kids Body Pillows for $35.99 each (10.00% Off)
Buy 3 from Kids Body Pillows for $33.99 each (15.00% Off)

Jenn GaffneyGive The Gift of Restful Slumber with Monster Buddy
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LEGO & Scooby Doo Take to Youtube

below is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own

A while ago we brought you new videos by WB Kids on Youtube. It was all about how DCKIds & WBKids are on Youtube.  For those of you that are Lego & Scooby Doo fans, you are in luck!!  I know that my sitter grew up and one of the only TV shows she watched as a kid was Scooby Doo.  Abby and Riley enjoy watching it at her house when it’s on, so they totally love it as well.  Add in another fun element that they love – LEGOS, and you have these fun new videos.

Lego Scooby Doo Youtube

Check out these amazing Scooby-Doo stop motion videos created using the brand new LEGO Scooby-Doo sets!  New videos will be uploaded weekly – so be sure to visit and subscribe to the WB Kids YouTube channel.


But it gets better, just complete an action below and you can enter to win one of four $200 gift cards from Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us & Amazon.!

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Jenn GaffneyLEGO & Scooby Doo Take to Youtube
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5 Mindful Must-Haves for a Healthy Back To School

The kids are back to school  – are you ready? Lunches, snacks and good nutrition, as well as more free time for parents, homework struggles and organization. Gina of Embracing Imperfect decided to gather a group of bloggers to share their best Healthy Back to School tips with you!

Stationery Studio provided samples of the items shown below, all opinions are our own.

When Gina asked me if I was interested in contributing to a Healthy Back to School series I thought it was a great idea!  While Abby isn’t “going back to school” we still start to get back into a better ritual, especially as the days get shorter and Billy starts working later.  In order to stay on top of things and keep organized I try my best to start with myself.

I have found that if I don’t take some time out to make sure I’m being mindful of the changes, being present on what’s going on, and check in with my moods/feelings then I risk the chance of becoming depressed.  In which case when stress gets heightened, I tend to withdrawal and want to cocoon because of feeling overwhelmed.  Working full time, trying to be a great Mommy, and wife can take it’s toll.  So here’s 5 of my ultimate mindful must-haves.

  1. Calming/Meditation/Sleep Apps – Sounds a little counterproductive?  Relying on electronics to be mindful and present? Let’s face it, we are constantly on the go, and we are always connected to our devices.  Why not make them work for us. I have quite a few that work in tandem for me. Such as:
    1. Sleep Stream 2 Ultimate – I have had this app since it first was released. It truly helps me sleep each evening.  I have it set up to play my calming sounds such as ocean, rain, etc.  The two best features happen to be the binaural beats for every situation like sleep, anxiety, depression, etc. & the guided mediation feature. I usually opt for the sounds and go through a progressive muscle relaxation on my own to be present and let go of the days trials. For more information about how the app works you can visit Explosive Apps.
    2. Calm – Another fantastic mediation app. I also love that I can access it from my desktop as well if I’m having a trying day at work.
    3. Fitbit One or Jawbone UP3 – These activity trackers have built in alarms – I have them set each day at a specific time to take a break, walk outside and enjoy some sunshine, or just take a moment to be present. The sleep tracker helps to tell me how many hours of sleep I’m getting.
  2. Essential Oils – For pure aromatherapy purposes I’m a big fan of taking time to check in by the sense of smell. Certain blends help me focus, offer clarity, or even just help me relax.
  3. “Me Time” – I know a lot of mom’s are happy to have a few minutes to themselves when the kiddos go to school, it helps to put things in perspective, helps you to miss your kiddos, and just get centered. My husband knows that it’s necessary for me to be happier.  You may say, “Don’t you go to work? Isn’t that your “me time”.  Well not necessarily, most days I don’t even remember to eat lunch.  So even if it’s an hour or two over the weekend – I take some “me time” to relax.  It can be as simple as just catching up here on the blog, going to get a mani/pedi, or even just going to bed early.  If you take the necessary time to reset and be present with your needs then you can be a better you!
  4.  Prep Time – Having some time to prep for the week ahead makes all the difference in the world. It helps to keep things running smoothly so that there are minimal hiccups during the week.  Usually I prep for the week by making sure that we have everything for our sitter, that some lunches are prepped for the week, or healthy snacks are ready  to go.
  5. Organizational Tools (or as I like to say “School Supplies aren’t just for the kiddos!”) –  One of the parts of my prep time is getting organized on paper, for the whole family to see. I jot it all down on my Rainbow Hearts Weekly Schedule Pad from Stationery Studio.  In order to do that I pull out my planner – I do prefer good old fashioned paper planner, and am a huge fan of Erin Condren.  I use a life planner, and have since 2008. It helps me feel like I’ve got it all together.
    weekly planner stationery studio
    Another way I stay organized is by post-it notes.  I put them on everything, it also helps my husband remember things!  I have this awesome Peacock Marble Post-It Notes Ensemble from Stationery Studio that sits right on my desk in our kitchen, so it’s easy to access and put them where they are needed. I need to order another one for work!Post It Note SetWhile I’m getting organized for the week, writing up our schedule, meal planning, etc, I also take the time out to get our mail together for the week. I love the ease of a self-inking stamper, it’s perfect because I don’t have to keep track of address labels.  We use the Emily Self-Inking Stamper also from Stationery Studio.self-inking stamp

That’s pretty much how my Sunday’s go.  I try to prep and organize, and when I do I feel mentally ready for the week, which means I can be mindful and present and take each day as it comes trying to be the best mommy, wife, and me!



More Back to School Ideas for 2015: Need more ideas for this back to school season? Here are more post from my amazing fellow bloggers participating in this Healthy Back to School Event.

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Talking about healthy back to school eating, we have an amazing giveaway JAM PACKED with goodies and treats from our participating vendors! Take a peak at all the prizes one winner will have delivered: Alfie the Allergic Alligator Goes to School: Alfie the Allergic Alligator Goes to School helps children begin to learn about food allergies and how to cope with the diagnosis. Alfie experiences several emotions as he deals with starting school among his non allergic peers. This book will encourage discussion and help children, parents, and teachers promote food allergy awareness and acceptance. AllerMates: Lunchbox, choice of color Beanfield Snacks: 1 case of chips (12 bags) in various flavors Biena Foods: Biena Snacks variety pack, which includes a 5 oz bag of all of their 5 flavors Blue Avocado: $50 (re)zip ultimate kit 10-piece reusable nontoxic storage bag kit Boiron USA: $50 Cold & Flu Back-to-School Survival Kit Don’t Go Nuts: one flavor, winner’s choice, of each of these: 16oz. jar of soy spread, 1 box of snack bars (12), 1box of dips (8) Enjoy Life: 2 boxes of chewy bars, 2 boxes of decadent bars & box of pancake mix Good Health Snacks: Mickey Shaped Veggie Chips – 24 pack pantry box Peter Rabbit Organics: 1 case of pouches (10) Red Plate Foods: Sampler pack of their new granolas (Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Berry & Swirl) Skinny Pop: 5 SkinnyPacks Sneaky Chef:  Chocolate No-Nut Butter and Creamy No-Nut Butter – 2 cases each (6 jars/case) SunButter: Gift Box Stationery Studio: $50 gift card StickerKid: 50 + FREE SHIPPING coupons for labels and wall decals Stonyfield Organic: $50 worth of coupons and a bag full of Stonyfield goodies. Sun Cups: Variety Pack Surf Sweets: 30 bags of assorted single serve treats for a class party  WOWBUTTER:  1 Case (6 Jars)

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Disclaimer: The participating blogs were not compensated for this post. A special thanks to all the participating sponsors and their generosity!

Jenn Gaffney5 Mindful Must-Haves for a Healthy Back To School
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Third Thursday – Fiesta in Hammonton

One of the things we love most about where we live is that we are right next to Hammonton. I already told you about my favorite shop, Behind The Moon, and I’ve shared with you about their Food Truck Festival.  Another great part of being so close to a small town and Downtown Hammonton is that they have special events on the Third Thursday of every month.


Tonight’s is a Latin Fiesta! From 6pm to 9pm you can feel the beat and get the rhythm of Latin culture through food, art, fashion, dance and music! Here is the layout of tonight’s festivities.

Hammonton NJ Third Thursday Fiesta Night

Hammonton Third Thursday Fiesta Night 2015

Will we be seeing you there tonight? You can find us for story time at Behind The Moon at 7pm. 

fun fiesta storytime


Jenn GaffneyThird Thursday – Fiesta in Hammonton
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Kids Fashion & Gifts at Behind The Moon

behind the moon hammonton nj

Once in a while you find this hidden gem in the middle of a town.  Behind The Moon is my gem, or as I’d like to call it, a secret worth sharing!  It is the most adorable little shop with the cutest gift items from graphic tees or onesies, back to school items like backpacks and lunch necessities. Hard to find items like Baltic Amber necklaces, and Teething jewelry for mama!

Behind The Moon is located in Downtown Hammonton. Right in the heart of the town on Bellevue Avenue.  It is located right next to one of our favorite restaurants, El Mariachi Loco.  You can find us most Sundays stopping in around lunch time to see what’s new and have a bite to eat.

back to school hammonton n


Upon entering the shop, not only do you feel inspired by so many different unique gifts and items that your child or a child you know “has to have”, you also see the heart and soul of the place – Brooke. (or Miss Brooke as affectionately called by Abby) (and yes, she’s hiding in the background). It is a great destination for all things kids fashion.


handmade clothing hammonton nj


The best part of Behind The Moon is the handmade clothing that truly are absolutely one-of-a-kind. They were recently featured at the cutest fashion show for Hammonton’s National Night Out. Hammonton’s Mom’s Club had their little cuties model these handmade dresses and leggings. Also featured were hip tees from Rodeo Robot, who is also a local Hammonton business.

back to school fashions hammonton nj

All of those can be matched with stunning handmade accessories.  Seriously I know that as soon as I walk in the door I’m going to find something totally adorable that Abby needs. Like these top-knots. (I wear hers too)

kids accessories hammonton nj


More fun finds at Behind The Moon include these great shots of gifts, clothes, and more:

baby gifts hammonton


cute baby gifts

nursing gifts hammonton


more baby gifts, along with nursing pads, and baltic amber necklaces

back to school necessities


back to school necessities

handmade mocassins hammonton nj

handmade leather moccasins

plates and flatware for kiddos

cute plates, bowls, and flatware

handmade baby accessories


accessory heaven

teething necklaces hammonton nj


teething jewelry for mamas

custom tees from rodeo robot in hammonton nj

more tees above from Rodeo Robot

handmade bow ties hammonton


handmade bow ties

baby gifts hammonton


baby gifts galore

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces Hammonton NJ

baltic amber necklaces

Behind The Moon is one of the only places locally to carry baltic amber necklaces. Another well kept secret that needs to be shared.

In their shop, they invite kids to play at our train table in the kids corner, so mamas can browse while their little ones play. A changing station and chair can be found in the back of their inviting space, in case your baby needs a quick change or a quiet place to nurse.

play and shop

A little about our good friend Brooke:

Brooke Sacco Behind The MoonBrooke brings over 15 years of experience in retail and buying, specifically for the children’s market, to Behind the Moon. For 4 years she was editor of

Brooke’s passion for children’s resale clothing began when she became a mother. Seeking out quality, gently used things for her daughters to wear seemed far better than settling for lesser brands to keep things affordable. Giving a second life to well-designed garments makes sense for her family and earth-friendly philosophy, so she was eager to bring a superb selection of kids gently used clothing to Hammonton.



This post has been pending in my head for as long as I’ve been shopping there, so it’s time to spread the word about this awesome gem in downtown hammonton!  Have you ever been there before?? 

For more information on Behind the Moon please visit their facebook page, follow them on twitter and instagram.  They can even ship items that you see on their feed if you are really interested but not so local.




Jenn GaffneyKids Fashion & Gifts at Behind The Moon
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