Reduce Stress in Planning with Savory



Tis’ The Season for Rushing Around

Overwhelmed with Holiday Planning? Feel like you are constantly on-the-go and no time to prepare for everything? You are not alone. It amazes me that every single year, once fall hits it’s a big blur to me. My typical practice of laying out the week in my planner and writing my list of errands, things to do, shopping list all fall by the wayside.


The days start to fly by and it feels like my normal tasks like meal planning are the biggest challenge. It’s go, go go, get Abby to school, get to work, pick her up from school, get home… and then “Oh No!” Sometimes I will think about it at like 3pm and then try to pull something together.

Savory Is A Savior



My savior has been Savory! The Savory Magazine from Giant has so many amazing recipes that are seasonal and completely mindful of cost. What’s even better, it now comes in apps for iOS, google, and amazon tablet devices.

Sometimes the hardest part on figuring out recipes for our family is just getting inspired. With Savory at my fingertips on my iPad or even my iPhone it’s easy to find something that’s fun for everyone, the best part is you can download back issues as well. It is the perfect springboard for meal planning.

Home Chefs Rejoice



While thinking about next week’s meal plan, I opened the app on my phone and checked out the latest issue. While I know that Abby most likely will not try it, I was excited to see a recipe for Pumpkin & Sage Ravioli with Apples and Pecans.


Savory featured the quick directions in 5 simple and easy steps, a beautiful image of the dish, and references to check out the full recipe on the site. Once there I saw that this recipe really is simple, it’s only 15 minutes from start to table, with 10 minutes prep and 5 minutes cook! Which not only gives me confidence that I can tackle this dish and excitement for bringing everyone to the table.

Try it for yourself, this app is a timesaver for busy families looking to get meals on the table and for home cooks who are looking for new and exciting recipes. Knowing that a solution is easily at my fingertips so there is no reason to get overwhelmed is what gets me through!

What is your stress triggers around the holidays? What is your method of coping?

Jenn GaffneyReduce Stress in Planning with Savory
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Daily Journaling with Erin Condren + Giveaway


Daily Journaling with Erin Condren1


Daily Journaling with Erin Condren

Journaling is such a huge part of my every day life. In 2002 I was in a very bad car accident. There is a lot of time that was lost, that I will never remember. Most of which is good, and is part of my brain coping with tragedy. Since that moment, I have this incessant need to remember everything. Honestly, no one can remember everything. Another coping tool that I have practiced since then is journaling. I’ve journaled for years.

This tool was therapeutic for me on many occasions. Some of those occasions were infertility struggles, depression, finding out someone close to me was battling addiction, and various other reasons. It has always been a way to release, to let go. A way for me to get everything weighing on my mind off of it.

Now, being a mom, I find myself wanting to remember the moments that go by so fast with Abby. The things she says or does. These precious moments are so fleeting. I now believe the wise people who have said to me “the days are long but the years fleeting.” There’s parts that I want to remember. I also use my journal to take the time out for much needed self-care. Time to express gratitude in my everyday blessings, to motivate and inspire myself to keep on keeping on.

Why Erin Condren?

Simple! I have always been an EC girl. Since 2011 to be exact. However after curating my own planner/organizer/notebook for work via the Arc system, I realized how I loved the ability to add and remove pages. So recently for my “planning” needs I switched over to a Happy Planner. I couldn’t just abandon my EC, they’ve been so good to me over the years.  Add in the stickers, ohhhh the stickers, and her cute little compliment cards – I will forever be faithful.

Erin Condren Planner and Stickers

I decided to use my EC planner as a way to document and chronicle my days. It makes a perfect little journal for a quick daily brain dump, or even as a tool to motivate yourself. I use it as a tool and I do that by utilizing the Erin Condren Stickers. I use the Classic Sticker Book, but have been eyeing up the brand NEW Monthly Sticker Book.

Before Journaling in Erin Condren

I set up my week with stickers that would make great journaling prompts and then I just speak my mind.

Daily Journaling with Erin Condren

Then once I go through the week it gets filled up with my thoughts. I usually take the left column to write a quote that speaks to me at the moment, and the bottom right corner of this photo is a sticker from Crafted By Corley that I color myself. This process does wonders for me, and I know that next year I will opt for the horizontal layout for journaling purposes.

There is so many cute things that I would love to stock up on. Especially the Valentines Bundle.

The good news for friends of Friendspired is that we are teaming up with A Life In Balance & A Grande Life to offer a really sweet giveaway!

Erin Condren Valentine Bundle Giveaway for 2 Lucky Readers

Erin Condren Valentine Bundle Giveaway

Erin Condren Valentines Bundle (worth $27)

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with a bundle full of NEW products you’ll love!

what’s included:

  • NEW compliment cards
  • Rose Gold scalloped heart labels
  • Rose Gold stylized sticky notes
  • Packaged in a pink organza bag

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jenn GaffneyDaily Journaling with Erin Condren + Giveaway
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Cultivating Creative Workspaces


Cultivating Creative Workspaces – a peek inside my office!

It is important to love what you do, every day. Work, regardless the trade, can often times be stressful or daunting. It’s important to find ways to tap into that passion that helps you to love what you do. I’m very lucky to work in a very creative environment. We moved to our office building about a year and a half ago, before that, I really didn’t have a space to call my own. I was in the middle of our booking/guest relations department in a cubicle. I was so excited when I finally was able to have an office of my own.

It was very crucial for me to find ways to evoke my creativity, become inspired, and stay motivated. Here are some of my “Office Must-Haves”.


Jenn's Accountability


I use my Passion Planner to keep all of my meetings, etc. I love that I can create a road map of my goals to help me stay on point. I use my Arc Notebook system in various ways (post coming soon) to be sure to stay on top of project management, current task loads, brain dumps, etc.


Jenn's Desktop Caddy

Organized Desktop

I love these little caddys from the Poppin Desk Set. The left part actually has a hidden compartment underneath where I store paper clips, because you know, it’s way more important to have Pinblocks on top and my rose quartz to play with instead of practical items like paper clips. It’s fun and vibrant and corrals everything I need, including rubberband ball, de-stress essential oils, and a decision die.


Jenn's Desktop

And, Organized Desktop

Every quarter or so I change out my desktop’s dashboard. I tend to save a lot of things to my desktop and then a few times a week put in the respective files. I like to make them pretty with some inspirational message.

Jenn's Note Caddy

Sticky Notes (In A Cute Caddy)

I’m a sucker for sticky notes. Especially the personalized ones from Stationery Studio. I use them for everything from taking messages off of my voicemail, reminding myself to complete a quick task, or remember to bring something home with me.

Jenn's Wall of Inspiration


I love my inspirational wall. This is something I started about a year ago. Anywhere I find signs that call to me, I snag them when I can and add to my collection. I’ve found them everywhere from local boutiques, Target Dollar Spot, Michael’s, Hallmark, Marshall’s, or Home Goods. The only problem is when adding them trying to reconfigure them all.


Jenn's Photos

A Little More Inspiration

Nothing is more inspiring than family and friends. It’s important to me to have those that I love close to me. Whenever I’m having a day, I look at my awesome filing cabinet that has HP Social Media Snapshots Sticky Photo Paper on it. This paper is pretty amazing since it comes off with no damage to furniture or walls. In fact, this filing cabinet became the inspiration for a Living Inspiration Wall at our school. More to share on that in the future.

Jenn's Zen

A Little Bit of Zen

With seasonal allergies and seasonal affective disorder, I love my Himalayan Salt Lamp. Some benefits related to it are clean and deodorize the air, reduce allergy and asthma symptoms (it seems to be helping with that at the moment), and to increase energy levels along with many other features. I also am a huge fan of my Young Living Diffuser. The essential oils I diffuse vary daily, it can be anything to help me breathe easier (sinus issues mentioned earlier) or just to help calm me.

In A Nutshell

There you have it, those are just a few of the important items that help me to cultivate creativity and inspire productivity! I hope you enjoyed that little tour of my office.

Jenn's Office

Jenn GaffneyCultivating Creative Workspaces
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