Too Much


Too Much

Today a friend posted an inspirational picture, it said “You will be too much for some people. Those aren’t your people”.

I saw it, read it, smiled because I understood that feeling all too well, hit like, and then kept scrolling. As usual just a thought to myself of a feeling I’ve felt quite often. Then my day progressed.

The usual routine of dealing with my kids, trying to get stuff done, and you know life in general. I go through my day being pretty confident in myself. Yet, there are days (this being one of them) that I get told I’m too much.

How many times have you been told you are being too loud?

Not talking about when you are at the movie theater or somewhere like that. But in everyday life? I’ve probably heard that several hundred times. I’m not sure the people who’ve said it to me realize how much they hurt me, or that because of their comments I’ve gone days without talking very much because they’ve made me so self-conscious.

I’m relatively young so it’s taken me a while to become comfortable with myself and who I am. Part of that reason is people who feel the need to tell me I’m too much. Too loud. Too much energy. Too much to handle. I’d love to say these were all random people who didn’t know me well, but the truth is these were friends. Friends who I really thought we were more than that. (And I’m all about being honest, but this is a bit different than that shirt doesn’t match those pants.)

Part of my issue is I wouldn’t say anything because I am not good with conflict. When you keep hearing something about yourself in a negative tone it starts to be hard not to believe it. Being hit at something that is such a part of who you are isn’t always easy to understand. I promise I have some thick skin, but when people feel the need to say it over and over, you need to learn to move away.

Learning to move away from people is hard

I’m a very loyal person, but in the end making yourself happy is way more important than making them happy. It takes a lot for me to tell myself that it’s ok to move away from people who might think you are too much, because maybe, just maybe they aren’t enough for you. It has taken me so long to realize it’s ok to be me-big mouth and all. That by allowing others to make me feel this way was giving them some power over me they didn’t deserve.

So while it may have just been a passing quote on my Facebook feed, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who feels like they are too much, and it pushes me to find  “my people” where laughing loudly is seen as a good thing rather than being told I’m being too loud.


Lana BrennanToo Much
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Daily Journaling with Erin Condren + Giveaway


Daily Journaling with Erin Condren1


Daily Journaling with Erin Condren

Journaling is such a huge part of my every day life. In 2002 I was in a very bad car accident. There is a lot of time that was lost, that I will never remember. Most of which is good, and is part of my brain coping with tragedy. Since that moment, I have this incessant need to remember everything. Honestly, no one can remember everything. Another coping tool that I have practiced since then is journaling. I’ve journaled for years.

This tool was therapeutic for me on many occasions. Some of those occasions were infertility struggles, depression, finding out someone close to me was battling addiction, and various other reasons. It has always been a way to release, to let go. A way for me to get everything weighing on my mind off of it.

Now, being a mom, I find myself wanting to remember the moments that go by so fast with Abby. The things she says or does. These precious moments are so fleeting. I now believe the wise people who have said to me “the days are long but the years fleeting.” There’s parts that I want to remember. I also use my journal to take the time out for much needed self-care. Time to express gratitude in my everyday blessings, to motivate and inspire myself to keep on keeping on.

Why Erin Condren?

Simple! I have always been an EC girl. Since 2011 to be exact. However after curating my own planner/organizer/notebook for work via the Arc system, I realized how I loved the ability to add and remove pages. So recently for my “planning” needs I switched over to a Happy Planner. I couldn’t just abandon my EC, they’ve been so good to me over the years.  Add in the stickers, ohhhh the stickers, and her cute little compliment cards – I will forever be faithful.

Erin Condren Planner and Stickers

I decided to use my EC planner as a way to document and chronicle my days. It makes a perfect little journal for a quick daily brain dump, or even as a tool to motivate yourself. I use it as a tool and I do that by utilizing the Erin Condren Stickers. I use the Classic Sticker Book, but have been eyeing up the brand NEW Monthly Sticker Book.

Before Journaling in Erin Condren

I set up my week with stickers that would make great journaling prompts and then I just speak my mind.

Daily Journaling with Erin Condren

Then once I go through the week it gets filled up with my thoughts. I usually take the left column to write a quote that speaks to me at the moment, and the bottom right corner of this photo is a sticker from Crafted By Corley that I color myself. This process does wonders for me, and I know that next year I will opt for the horizontal layout for journaling purposes.

There is so many cute things that I would love to stock up on. Especially the Valentines Bundle.

The good news for friends of Friendspired is that we are teaming up with A Life In Balance & A Grande Life to offer a really sweet giveaway!

Erin Condren Valentine Bundle Giveaway for 2 Lucky Readers

Erin Condren Valentine Bundle Giveaway

Erin Condren Valentines Bundle (worth $27)

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with a bundle full of NEW products you’ll love!

what’s included:

  • NEW compliment cards
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Jenn GaffneyDaily Journaling with Erin Condren + Giveaway
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Monday Mantras – Just Keep Swimming



Happy Monday Everyone! Hope that all of my friends are thawing out from this past weekend’s blizzard. We had fun being snowed in, and were very productive about our to-do lists. Still working on letting some things go. But feeling a lot better after making some headway on some tasks that have been nagging me. Then I remember to “just keep swimming”.

Just Keep Swimming

I guess you can say that my mantra for the week is “just keep swimming”.  The wisdom of Disney/Pixar and one of our favorite movies Finding Nemo rings through my head every once in a while. “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.”  Oh Dory!

Just Keep Swimming - Monday Mantras

So when I’m having one of those days, weeks, months where it seems like nothing I do is making a difference, matters, or what I had planned; I remind myself “just keep swimming.” Truth is, we all have those days. The days where not one thing on our “to-do list” gets done. Those days where you make your kid their favorite meal for dinner and she says it’s “yucky”. Then when you make her second favorite, that too is “yucky!” Those are the moments I say “just keep swimming.”

Jenn's Wall of Inspiration


In fact I even have that statement on my Wall of Inspiration in my office at work, because there are times I need to remind myself there to “just keep swimming.” We are all in the same boat, or ocean, and all any of us can do is the best that we can and keep on keeping on. It also helps to have great friends to lean on and talk things out, because we all need some sort of floatation device. When it gets to be a bit much, those are the moments that I resort to my chest of tools.


Square Breathing

Square Breathing was something that was suggested to me by my therapist years ago. It’s simple and easy. For me it helps to bring me into the moment, becoming mindful, and relaxing.


You breathe in for the count of 4, hold it for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds, and then hold it for 4 seconds, and repeat as needed until you feel calm and at peace.


In love with @prisma_color pencils! #adultcoloringbook #adultcoloring #prismacolor



Another way to help me to “just keep swimming” is to color. I love creating zen moments for myself by unleashing some of my creativity.

Some of my favorite books are:

Color Me Calm

Secret Garden

Enchanted Forest

Creative Coloring Inspirations


Daily Journaling with Erin Condren


Taking time out to chronicle moments of gratitude and memories also helps me to put things into perspective. I even use my Erin Condren Planner as a way to chronicle and journal my days. The stickers in her collection act as prompts for me to write about my days or inspiring messages to myself.



Jenn GaffneyMonday Mantras – Just Keep Swimming
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Monday Mantras – 2016 Word Of The Year: Forward

For the first time last year, I chose what would be my word for the year.  I chose “BE”.  I came to that choice because I found through some serious self-evaluation a lot of my time was spent trying so hard to please others. Realizing how important self-care is, it was time to put on that oxygen mask. While 2015 was definitely a time for growth and experience, I can say that I am happy to leave it in the dust. Now as 2016 starts, my word of the year is FORWARD.

2016 Word Of The Year for Friendspired is Forward. We are moving Forward.


I will start by MOVING FORWARD. The best is yet to come.  In the words of the very wise and great man, Walt Disney“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” While 2015 was a year to grow, lessons have been learned about so many different aspects of life. Most important of all, what is important to me. What I stand for. What I believe in. Those core values will lead me forward to greater experiences.

Every single day I will be FORWARD THINKING. That will power the inertia needed to reach new goals and create greatness. With that I will work smarter, not harder. Cultivating a creative process that thrives and motivates is a priority for me. No longer are those days of staying in a funk and not inspired. To be a forward thinker is to be a collaborative leader or visionary.

Within this past year, I’ve found those that I’ve looked to as a source of vision and to lead are extremely disingenuous. Some only support those that literally buy into their beliefs. While they preach community and collaboration, the moment that someone who pays for their services and their “loyalty” has an issue with anything or anyone it is within that moment, with their close-mindedness, they ostracize. Not as forward thinking as one would have thought.

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.” is a quote by Robert Tew that resonated with the need to move forward. That quote triggers self-care, it signifies it’s time to stop for a moment, put on the oxygen mask and find what really brings you joy.

I will PAY IT FORWARD. There is so much more to life and happiness and it starts from within. There is nothing better than the joy felt from being that person to “fill someone’s cup”.  Striving to be a Day Maker and to connect with others on a deeper level is what life is all about. There are some people from this past year that have left such lasting impressions on me by their authentic kindness.

Here’s to 2016!



Jenn GaffneyMonday Mantras – 2016 Word Of The Year: Forward
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