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Shopkins Mailbox


I have to say, I really should have planned my little two’s birthday a little further away from Valentines Day. Since their birthday is a few days away and we have a long weekend right after I usually have their party the weekend before(more on that later). However that means I am making 3 different Valentines and boxes, I really wanted to get ahead of it all between birthday party, Valentines, and box I knew if I didn’t start early I’d never get it all done in time. Thankfully this year the two littles made them in school-just another reason why I LOVE their teacher. Well of course I couldn’t get off that easily with the big one so we set off to make hers.

Now Seven knows how to search Pinterest. I’ve logged her in under my account and she just searches for all sorts of things. So I set her off to Pinterest to find something she liked. She didn’t really find anything she loved. Then we found someone had made a popcorn Shopkin (if you don’t know what these are be thankful!). We talked about it and she decided she wanted to make a large lipstick one, whose name escapes me. At that point I decided that was out of her realm of possibility. She then thought of the Shopkins she liked and she thought of the Cheeky Chocolate. However, of course that little someone needed to put her own spin on it. She decided to change the color of the wrapper.
I like to let her lead, as it’s her project. I told her I would let her use my silhouette
(cutting machine) to make the chocolate squares. I made a quick design to help make it look 3D and she really liked it!
Of course with our 5 we get all our cereals in family size boxes. That plus a little bit of cardstock and we were set.

Items Needed

  • Cereal box
  • 3 Sheets 12×12 brown paper- 2 for box 1 for hearts(White if you want white chocolate)
  • 2 Sheets “wrapper” 12×12 color
  • little bit of scrap as inside the wrapper
  • tape-used both double sided and regular
  • scissors
  • knife

Time To Craft

I opened the cereal from the bottom of the box so that the top would be sealed to cut the opening for the valentines. Since we hadn’t started the cereal I just put it to the side for them to eat later.
Lightly tape up the bottom, max 3 pieces of tape. Next cut a relatively large rectangle in the top. I used the knife to get it started and cleaned it up with the scissors.
Then cover the top of the box with your two sheets of brown and cut an x in the rectangle opening going from corner to corner. It will make it easier to fold the paper in and have a finished edge. tape those inside box. Use regular tape to adhere the paper where it will be covered. Just like wrapping a present. Use the double sided tape on edge that will be seen.
The wrapper is going at a slight angle so one you cover the area where the chocolate paper ends you can make a crease at the bottom of the page and then cut off the excess on each side. Attach same as the chocolate sheets. I left most of the bottom uncovered so that she could get to her Valentines relatively easy after they drop them off.
Seven then ripped 2-two inch wide strips of paper. We folded in half and then stuck over the wrapper paper and put a little piece of tape in the back to hold it.
Next came the eyes. I googled some Shopkin eyes and printed and cut out the mouth, eyes, and heart over the left eye. To attach you can just use tape but Seven is slightly obsessed with my Xyron “sticker” machine. She wants to use it any time she can.
shopkins studio file
Lastly, you can use the studio file or pdf to cut out the chocolate pieces and attach. Folded it so it was 3d then taped evenly across the top and 2nd row.
We decided to not do the arms or feet because it does have to travel via backpack and also we only happened to have only 2 sheets of the wrapper and no way was I going to the store to try and match the shade. The curse of a crafter. Yes I had the scrapbook card stock on hand, but can never remember where I got it and how to get more. HA!
Here she is modeling her Valentine box as I forgot to get pictures while we were making it (OOPS!!)

You can download the shopkin elements to make your own!

PDF of the chocolate pieces, eyes, & mouth
STUDIO of the chocolate pieces, eyes, & mouth
Lana BrennanShopkins Cheeky Chocolate Valentine Mailbox

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