Spring Break with Friendspired – Part Two

spring break 2

Spring Break continued and on Saturday, we were going to go (all 6 of us) to Smithville, NJ to spend the day and check out some cute shops. Our plans were tweaked a bit when Harpo woke me up and proceed to throw up at 2am.

When we finally woke up in the morning it was clear Harpo wasn’t going anywhere. My husband stayed home with her and we thought about changing what we were going to do.
We decided to go in last minute into Philadelphia to do some sightseeing. I have to admit, I’ve only been there a couple of times and I was a bit nervous to go in without knowing what or where to go. I was saved, I texted Jenn to see if she was doing anything and she was able to switch up her whole day to become Tour Guide Jenn for us.
I was so happy to get to see her, but also so thankful to have such a good friend who would give up their one free day to show my cousin around Philly.
We got everyone ready and drove down to pick Jenn up.
I am surprised at how many things we were able to see in such a short time. The weather was probably the best it was all week. Absolutely beautiful to walk around in, and not too hot either. Totally recommend this time to come and visit.
Some pics from our (very windy) day.
We had a great time and I know without a doubt it would not have been anywhere as awesome without Jenn. So lucky to have such a great friend!
Lana BrennanSpring Break with Friendspired – Part Two

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