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We are all about fun technology that can help our kids grow. We also are huge fans of technology that grows with them. Of course ideally we’d prefer ones that they will continue to play with long after the day that they receive it. Another important factor is that it can be used for various situations, not just quick learning, but complete lifestyle.

Enter Edwin The Duck! Now for those of you that are close to me, I’m sure you are saying “wait, what?” since you know that I am petrified of ducks – yes, that’s correct, ducks! But no one can resist a cute little rubber duck that has an animated personality as well. I am a fan of Donald and Daffy, so just the real live ducks are the ones I’m scared of.

Edwin is a friend who lives in your child’s hands and on your mobile device in the form of an animated character. Your child will be immersed in a world of games, stories, songs, and lessons within a collection of apps, using Edwin to control the animated Edwin. As your child grows, so will Edwin, offering more and more rich content.


Fun Features & Modes of Edwin

Story Time with Edwin The Duck

Story Time: Edwin has an entire world to discover, and his adventures will invite your child to help him solve problems and overcome obstacles he encounters along the way. Through SQUACK™ Technology, with a few taps, turns, and twists, your child will learn how to control the animated Edwin within the app.

We love story time and Abigail especially loves having Edwin do things. As a mom, I love the reiteration offline, like the moments that I can say “Remember how we helped tidy up Edwin’s room with Edwin? Now it’s time to tidy up this room!” She gets it, no complaints, and it makes clean up a breeze (for that moment).


Play Time with Edwin


Play Time: Together with Edwin, your child will explore fun, educational games that are developmentally designed for your child’s age. Edwin becomes your child’s teacher and helps them to learn and grow. 

Abby is obsessed with shapes right now, so this is definitely her favorite game. We are lucky to have an amazing sitter that watches her while Billy and I work that works with her on shapes, so this game helps to reiterate that learning. She gets so excited when she gets the shapes correct!


Sing With Edwin


Song Time: Equipped with a BLUETOOTH® Speaker, Edwin will dance across the screen while streaming original music. 

Who doesn’t love music? We are big fans of listening to music, making our own music, and singing.  Abby loves dancing and singing with Edwin. It is pretty adorable.


[embedplusvideo height=”315″ width=”560″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=_pvUFYkqFYg&width=560&height=315&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep2309″ /]

Sleepy Time:  An included lullaby will stream through Edwin, and by giving his wing a firm tap, he will provide a soft glowing nightlight. Your child will sleep soundly with Edwin the Duck’s companion Sleepy Time app, which includes white noise sounds, additional lullabies, and timer and nightlight controls. 

This is my most favorite feature. Probably because both Abby and I always sleep with a sound machine myself and this app has those features, such as rain, creek, etc. Bringing Edwin along on our families adventures doubles as having our sound machine. The lullabies are beautiful too.

download (3)

Splash Time: Completely waterproof, Edwin makes the perfect bath time companion like millions of rubber duckies before him. His unique design enables him to float and ensures him to be fully mold resistant while your child enjoys their favorite bath time tunes!

This truly is an adorable feature. I know that it makes bath time that much longer for us, but he’s super cute and we have a great time.

Edwin The Duck


More About Edwin

Edwin is the world’s first Smart Duck a learning toy with personality designed to be your child’s new best friend. Utilizing SQUACK™ Technology and a companion app, children can control Edwin on the screen with a turn, tap or tilt of the rubber duck toy. App content includes:

*Play* – Educational games teach shapes, colors, letters, and numbers.
*Learn* – Stories emphasizing self-confidence and good decision-making.
*Sing* – Edwin (waterproof) can splash and play in the bath, shower or pool while streaming original content or a favorite playlist.
*Dream* – Use the separate “Edwin Lullaby” app to adjust the color of Edwin’s LED nightlight and play exclusive lullabies/white noise.

App News

Edwin‘s next series of stories, songs, and games are currently underway — stay tuned for notifications!
As announced last month, Edwin‘s Sleepy Time app is now available in the App Store, free for a limited time! View our latest “how to” video for a feature overview and brief tutorial here.
Android development is progressing! The app is available to explore in Google Play, with interactions between Edwin and his app being finalized. We will announce full compatibility details soon!

Edwin Tips

Connect Edwin as a wireless Bluetooth speaker to any BT enabled device to stream your favorite music
Tap firmly with one finger on Edwin‘s wing to illuminate his nightlight

In the News

Edwin received a 4-star review in iPhone Life, with the reviewer callingEdwin “this year’s best toy yet!”
MacWorld featured Edwin in an iOS Accessories wrap up, dubbing him as the “Rubber Duckie from the future.”
Local TV channel WTHR was excited to hear about Edwin‘s availability in Apple Stores and ran a segment on the evening news. You can watch the coverage here!

Edwin Events

Catch Edwin at these upcoming events:
  • Jan 6-9: CES, Sands Expo Booth 74366, Las Vegas, NV
  • Jan 27-Feb 1: Spielwarenmesse (International Toy Fair), Nuremberg, Germany

Follow Along on Edwin’s Adventures

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Hot Holiday Toy: Cabbage Patch Kids Limited Edition Dolls

Cabbage Patch Limited Edition 18 inch Dolls

I remember loving my Cabbage Patch Kids as a child. In fact, I still have my Cabbage Patch Kids.  My daughter received a Cabbage Patch baby doll for her first Christmas from my sister.  I know that this year Santa will be back with some more Cabbage Patch Kids too.  This year there are Toys “R” Us Exclusive Limited Edition Cabbage Patch Dolls that are the cutest.  There is Sofia Lorraine and Violet Anne.  We love that Wicked Cool Toys has launched the “BIG” kids that are 18 inches tall.


About The NEW Cabbage Patch BIG Kids & Wicked Cool Toys

Just like you, the Cabbage Patch Kids are growing up! And now, for the first time ever, Wicked Cool Toys has introduced the Cabbage Patch BIG Kids! Each 18” Big Kid is an extremely limited edition in nature and will be retired after a short production run.  The accessories and dresses will match the Kid’s unique personality and will be the highest end CPK apparel ever.  There are only 2 Styles that launched Fall 2015 – the Class President (Violet Anne) and Ballerina (Sofia Lorraine) and include their birth certificate. Ages 6+, SRP: $99.99. Available at and select Toys “R” Us Stores.

There are only 1000 pieces of each style produced and once they are gone there will be no more available for purchase as they will retire.


About Sofia Lorraine & Violet Anne

CPK Limited Edition 18 inch Big Kid Performer Ballerina Sofia Lorraine


Totally poseable, 18 inches tall, Sofia Lorraine is the Performer Ballerina. Accessories include: matching CPK tote, bracelet, pretend Swan Lake Tickets for BabyLand General Hospital Theatre and extra bow clips for her hair. Birth Certificate and Adoption papers are also included with adoption. The Big Kid has an all vinyl head and body and the sweet baby powder scent. Recommended for ages 6+


CPK Limited Edition 18 inch Big Kid Violet Anne

Totally poseable, 18 inches tall, Violet Anne is the Class President. Accessories include: matching CPK backpack, CPK ruler, CPK ledger book and extra bow clips for her hair. Birth Certificate and Adoption papers are also included with adoption. The Big Kid has an all vinyl head and body and the sweet baby powder scent. Recommended for ages 6+


For More Information Visit Cabbage Patch Kids Facebook Page


We were not compensated for this post, nor did we receive any of the above mentioned products.  We are sharing this great information with you because we love sharing the toys that we are passionate about. 

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There Is Still Time To Shop Local for Unique Personal Gifts

In full disclosure the below items were provided for review purposes. 

There Is Still Time To Shop Local for Unique Personal Gifts 

I am a gift giver that really thinks about the gifts that I give. I try to find gifts that are unique, one-of-a-kind, and true to the person that I am giving it to. In my searches, I have found that there are some really great local companies that carry just what I’m looking for.  They are all unique in their own ways, and definitely something that your special someone would love to receive.

Beautiful Sea Glass Jewelry From Wave of Life

Wave of Life

il_570xN.841820242_llztChakra Sea Glass Beaded Energy Healing Yoga Seven 7 Boho Chic Lotus Mala Bracelet by Wave of Life™  $29.00

This sea glass Chakra Bracelet contains all 7 Chakra colors. A perfect way to remember to stay balanced throughout your day. Each chakra color is represented by 7 sea glass beads of each individual color. One end of the bracelet, at the end of the red chakra, contains a lotus flower charm. These 6mm beads have been lovingly tumbled to create beautiful sea glass beads to wear and treasure. This bracelet is a wrap bracelet created from memory wire and will maintain its shape.

Working full-time for Rizzieri Salons, Spa, and Schools over the years, I’ve been introduced to many different beauty and wellness brands.  We are Aveda Concept and that means I’ve had the pleasure of learning a lot about their sensory journeys and chakra products.  Since I have recently learned about the different chakras and have seen the personal affects of them in my own body, I love this bracelet. It is absolutely stunning and gorgeous. It is a perfect gift. 

il_570xN.811006047_rxakOcean Wave Necklace Mixed Sea Glass Caribbean Blue Cobalt Sterling Silver Locket Necklace Summer Style Boho Beach by Wave of Life™ $43.00

Our Wave of Life locket with a beautiful combo of Caribbean Blue and Cobalt Blue sea glass. Wear this locket to remind yourself that no matter where you are in life, embrace it and keep riding! A perfect way to carry a bit of the sea with you always. This listing is for a sterling silver lotus locket which includes a sterling silver 18 inch wave design chain. (Picture shown with an american dime & is to give you an idea of locket size only.) Locket and necklace chain are sterling silver. How many pieces each locket holds will vary according to their size & to make sure they fit nicely in the locket.

Growing up in Southern NJ my entire life, I fondly remember the summer vacations my family used to take to the Jersey Shore.  The days that I would spend in the sun and the sand always come back to me when I think of summer. I can remember spending hours at a time as a child in the ocean at Ocean City. This beautiful custom locket evokes those wonderful memories and is a perfect reminder of carefree days. 


il_570xN.508701301_lk6dBlue Sea Glass Anchor Nautical Necklace by Wave of Life™  $17.00

A piece of cobalt blue sea glass and a pretty little silver anchor create this one of a kind nautical necklace. With this, you may always have a bit of the sea wherever you go. This piece comes attached to a bit of waxed cotton cord for an earthy, boho chic look (simply tie in a little bow).

My youngest sister has a love for all things nautical.  She is very fond of anchors, and truth be told we actually have matching anchor tattoos on our feet. She got hers first, and then I wanted one as well. I got mine for her, because she has always been someone in my life that has “anchored” me and helped me hold it together. I love this piece for her and know that it will be a perfect gift.  Not to mention, she is engaged and getting married – this would be a beautiful “something blue” piece that would be able to go on her bouquet. 

Dune Jewelry Regatta Ring

Custom Jewelry From Dune Jewelry Tells a Story

Dune Jewelry Regatta Ring $84.00

The Dune Jewelry Collection is the perfect “every day” accessory. They are unique by design and priceless in sentiment!  Dune Jewelry the Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company® is very unique because their patented designs are custom made with beach sand!  With Dune Jewelry‘s Sandbank you have a choice of thousands of sands/locations worldwide, spanning all 7 continents. Sand provides a vast array of colors and textures that will surprise (and delight) you! ​Have a special travel memory? With *Dune Jewelry*, you have the option to send in your own sand!

All of Dune Jewelry‘s items have a lifetime warranty, come with care instructions and literature that indicates the source of the sand. There is something for both men and women in the Dune Collection. This particular Regatta Ring is available in whole sizes 5-9.
Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.27.53 AM

I received this beautiful sterling silver design that is accented with a nautical rope detail surrounding beach sand from Cape May and layered to a glass-like, domed finish. I chose Cape May as it was at the Cape May Lighthouse where my husband asked me to marry him.

It is a very special place for us, not only was it where he asked me to begin our life together as husband and wife, it was also where he took me on our first “official” date, where we started off our relationship. I cherish this beautiful statement piece and wear it daily.

Just Jersey Local Goods

Jewelry and Gifts from Just Jersey Local Goods Are Unique & Personal

Just Jersey NJ Charm Necklace Stia CoutureNew Jersey Charm Necklace by Stia Couture $35.00

This beautiful dainty necklace is very simple and elegant.  We love that it is an everyday piece that can be worn with any outfit.  It is very feminine and small, making it a perfect gift for any special someone in your life, be it a tween, teen, or adult.  

It is just a tiny little touch of home that you can carry with you always.  We think that these NJ pieces are a perfect gift for that college student that is away from home. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.43.57 AMNJ Pendant Necklace by Stia Couture $45.00

Wear and share your state pride with a tiny NJ pendant on 16″ satellite chain.  Available in 14K Gold Filled Chain or 925 Sterling Silver.

Another beautiful dainty necklace from Just Jersey Local Goods is the NJ Pendant Necklace by Stia Couture.  Just like the Charm Necklace this is the perfect piece for everyday.  Again, small and dainty and goes for any occasion.  The pieces are very delicate so you need to be very careful when putting it on and removing it. 

Just Jersey - NJ Cutout Bangle Stia CoutureNJ Cutout Bangle by Stia Couture $35.00

A Jersey bangle to add to your stack!  Available in Sterling and 14K Gold Plated.  Hook closure.

We love how this bangle matches perfectly with the NJ Pendant Necklace.  It is also perfect to wear on any occasion including everyday wear.  It has a very simple understated elegance. It is great to stack with any other bracelet and makes a perfect statement piece. 

NJ Counties Print from Just Jersey Goods

NJ Counties Print 12 x 18 by Alex Wilson Design $54.00

12 x 18 Print of New Jersey Counties, defined by a handdrawn font which outlines the approximate boundary of each.  Framed in simple black frame, no mat.  Choose from blue or green color theme or request your own for a custom look.

Another great gift idea for those that may have moved from their roots. Every piece is different from one another, and is absolutely beautiful.  We love the typography and the colors in the blue one. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.42.35 AM

NJ-Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board by Parkman $50.00

Another Just Jersey exclusive!  A beautifully rendered bamboo cutting board, different from all the others because it is made right here in the Garden State.  Dimensions are 15″ in length and width ranges from 3.5 at the narrowest point to 9″ at the widest.

For the gourmet chef in your life this cutting board is a perfect gift.  When you are attending your holiday parties and events, it makes a perfect hostess present. It works as a fabulous backdrop for cheese displays, etc.  It looks so beautiful, they won’t even want to use it, but rather display it. 

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Kids Fashion & Gifts at Behind The Moon

behind the moon hammonton nj

Once in a while you find this hidden gem in the middle of a town.  Behind The Moon is my gem, or as I’d like to call it, a secret worth sharing!  It is the most adorable little shop with the cutest gift items from graphic tees or onesies, back to school items like backpacks and lunch necessities. Hard to find items like Baltic Amber necklaces, and Teething jewelry for mama!

Behind The Moon is located in Downtown Hammonton. Right in the heart of the town on Bellevue Avenue.  It is located right next to one of our favorite restaurants, El Mariachi Loco.  You can find us most Sundays stopping in around lunch time to see what’s new and have a bite to eat.

back to school hammonton n


Upon entering the shop, not only do you feel inspired by so many different unique gifts and items that your child or a child you know “has to have”, you also see the heart and soul of the place – Brooke. (or Miss Brooke as affectionately called by Abby) (and yes, she’s hiding in the background). It is a great destination for all things kids fashion.


handmade clothing hammonton nj


The best part of Behind The Moon is the handmade clothing that truly are absolutely one-of-a-kind. They were recently featured at the cutest fashion show for Hammonton’s National Night Out. Hammonton’s Mom’s Club had their little cuties model these handmade dresses and leggings. Also featured were hip tees from Rodeo Robot, who is also a local Hammonton business.

back to school fashions hammonton nj

All of those can be matched with stunning handmade accessories.  Seriously I know that as soon as I walk in the door I’m going to find something totally adorable that Abby needs. Like these top-knots. (I wear hers too)

kids accessories hammonton nj


More fun finds at Behind The Moon include these great shots of gifts, clothes, and more:

baby gifts hammonton


cute baby gifts

nursing gifts hammonton


more baby gifts, along with nursing pads, and baltic amber necklaces

back to school necessities


back to school necessities

handmade mocassins hammonton nj

handmade leather moccasins

plates and flatware for kiddos

cute plates, bowls, and flatware

handmade baby accessories


accessory heaven

teething necklaces hammonton nj


teething jewelry for mamas

custom tees from rodeo robot in hammonton nj

more tees above from Rodeo Robot

handmade bow ties hammonton


handmade bow ties

baby gifts hammonton


baby gifts galore

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces Hammonton NJ

baltic amber necklaces

Behind The Moon is one of the only places locally to carry baltic amber necklaces. Another well kept secret that needs to be shared.

In their shop, they invite kids to play at our train table in the kids corner, so mamas can browse while their little ones play. A changing station and chair can be found in the back of their inviting space, in case your baby needs a quick change or a quiet place to nurse.

play and shop

A little about our good friend Brooke:

Brooke Sacco Behind The MoonBrooke brings over 15 years of experience in retail and buying, specifically for the children’s market, to Behind the Moon. For 4 years she was editor of

Brooke’s passion for children’s resale clothing began when she became a mother. Seeking out quality, gently used things for her daughters to wear seemed far better than settling for lesser brands to keep things affordable. Giving a second life to well-designed garments makes sense for her family and earth-friendly philosophy, so she was eager to bring a superb selection of kids gently used clothing to Hammonton.



This post has been pending in my head for as long as I’ve been shopping there, so it’s time to spread the word about this awesome gem in downtown hammonton!  Have you ever been there before?? 

For more information on Behind the Moon please visit their facebook page, follow them on twitter and instagram.  They can even ship items that you see on their feed if you are really interested but not so local.




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Great Gifts for Dad

This post includes Great Gifts for Dad products provided by Gourmet Gift Baskets, Shiffer Publishing, and Mike Adamick. All opinions expressed below are my own. 



It’s time to celebrate Dad!! It’s all about finding Great Gifts for Dad! But if your Dad or husband (baby daddy) is anything like mine, you have no idea what to get them.  For both of them, they are the kind of guys that if they want or need something they just get it.  Father’s Day is always hard to figure out what type of gift to get.  With the help of Gourmet Gift Baskets I found 2 great options, amongst several, that definitely help take the guesswork out of what to get dad.



For the Fun Foodie Dad, there’s this awesome Pop’s Top Popcorn Picks.  It’s not your average popcorn assortment. t’s a masculine, plain tin of popcorn (yes, it’s free of all froufrou). But it’s a delectable gift, as it features the three top popcorn flavors chosen by (and for) Dads over the past year at hickory maple bacon, honey mustard and buffalo. Those three were the victorious chosen flavors amongst 92 other suggestions.  I can tell you that they are awesome, as I couldn’t help myself to try when taking that photo.  My favorite is the hickory maple bacon.






Barbecue Boss Grilling BBQ Gift Basket is perfect for the Dad or Grandpa Who’s Addicted to Grilling!  If they can’t get enough of the sweet, savory, tangy, smoky goodness that is all things barbecue, you’ve just found the perfect gift. This impressive gift basket is comprised of the best grilling products, like authentic fiery sauces and deliciously zesty rubs, supplying them with everything they need to make their favorite food better than ever.

bbq boss

Contents of the BBQ Boss Gift Basket:
Sriracha Teriyaki Sauce by Stonewall Kitchen – 11 oz. – A spicy dipping sauce made from sun-ripened chilis and garlic.
Roasted & Salted Peanuts by J&R Gourmet – 2 oz. – Better than any ballpark peanuts you’ve ever tasted, roasted and salted to perfection.
Chichester Snack Mix by Merrimack Valley Snack Company – 2 oz. – A delightful snack mix comprised of crunchy pretzel nuggets, cheddar cheese crackers, and premium nuts.
Spicy Peri Peri & Lemon Veggie Roaster by Urban Accents – 1 oz. – A spicy blend of chili pepper, lemon peel and garlic flavor.
Touch O’Heat BBQ Sauce by Rufus Teague – 16 oz. – All natural and gluten free, this BBQ sauce is what barbeque is supposed to taste like.
Beef & Burger Rub by Urban Accents – 1.5 oz. – Use for grilling or roasting to bring out all the juicy flavors in whatever meat you choose.


There are so many other great gift baskets to choose from for Dad including a huge basket for the beer-loving Dad, this year,  Cigars and Beers For Dad Bucket — with three Torpedo Barber Cigars in a cedar case, a high-end cigar cutter, and beers from around the world. It’s $199.99. As well as dozens of other offerings on the site, ranging from 25 flavors of cheesecake to Dad’s Day Towers, so if you’d see the full range of what’s featured, click here.





Above I added 2 different cookbooks to this “Grill Master” gift I created.  The first one is Grill Skills from Shiffer Publishing. The book features several professionals that offer their very best tips, advice, and recipes for the Grill.  My favorite chapter in the book is the one with the Family Grill Favorites.  We are looking forward to grilling up some goodness this summer. You can purchase Grill Skills on Shiffer Publishing’s site.  You can also purchase it on Amazon.

The second book, which is perfect for Lana’s hubby who loves to smoke is The Little Smoker Book also from Shiffer Publishing. This is an awesome introductory book that will offer so much knowledge for those that are just beginning their smoking journey! It features delicious recipes for grilling, barbecuing, and smoking.  You also will get tips for determining the right type of firing — with wood or charcoal, as well as for selecting your home smoking accessories. There is also guidelines for the maintenance of your smoker.  You can purchase The Little Smoker Book on Shiffer Publishing’s site.  You can also purchase it on Amazon.

Another AWESOME cookbook for dad is Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes – see it says it’s awesome right in the title! It’s by Mike Adamick who has been named the “best daddy blog in cyberspace.” by Babble . He is a stay-at-home dad, writer, and inveterate tinkerer whose work regularly appears on National Public Radio, KQED Radio and in the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, McSweeney’s and



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