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On A Mission

This past weekend, I visited Lana (albeit briefly). While she was at a cookie swap on Friday night I took her oldest daughter out on a big girl mission. I was on the hunt for a last minute Christmas gift, and her daughter was looking for presents for her younger sisters. While we were driving to our destination she told me all about the different things that she thought her sisters would like.

Trying to smile while leaving empty handed from one of our stops.

Trying to smile while leaving empty handed from one of our stops.

Her sisters are twins, and we were finding it difficult to stay true to their personalities, and yet still gift them items that they each would equally love and value. We went to many stores, and honestly left frustrated. She mentioned how one of them really wanted a doll like her doll that is from the American Girl Store. But being only 8 years old, she didn’t have that kind of cash to spend. I’m 33 and I don’t either, so I told her not to worry, I had a great idea, next stop JoAnn Fabric Store.

Springfield Dolls Posing


Bright Idea

We headed over to a local JoAnn Fabric Stores where I introduced her to these 18” adorable Springfield® Dolls ($21.99). I knew that these were definitely more in her budget, especially with a coupon. She was over the moon excited to be able to get them both a doll. She found the ones she knew they would love, and was so proud.

What she also loved was that they had outfits and accessories that were also very affordable. They had these cute mix and match pieces that you could use to create multiple looks for your dolls.

Springfield Dolls OutfitsSpringfield Dolls Outfits 2Springfield Dolls 3



About Springfield Dolls

about_dollDid you know that Springfield is the

  • most common name for towns and cities in America?
  • Over 50 towns and cities in America are named Springfield!

The first Springfield collection® was introduced in 1996! Our Springfield dolls and fashions are on trend with today’s girls fashion and fun activities.

The Springfield Doll:
The Springfield Collection® includes five gorgeous, quality-made 18-inch dolls. All dolls have sparkling lifelike eyes that open and close, and silky long-rooted hair that can be styled and brushed. Each of the Springfield Dolls has a unique personality and story.

  • Abby has golden blond hair and blue eyes, and wants to be a veterinarian!
  • Emma has rich brown hair and brown eyes, and loves swimming and her dogs.
  • Maria has a golden Hispanic skin tone with jet-black hair and brown eyes, and wants to be a doctor.
  • Olivia has striking red hair and green eyes, and loves to play soccer.
  • Madison has warm cocoa African-American skin, with wavy black hair and brown eyes. She is practicing to be a famous singer someday.

You can learn more about the girls by checking out their stories at
“Meet the Girls” on the site.


About Springfield Fashion

Springfield Dolls Fashion

Springfield Outfits and Accessories are inspired by today’s fashions for girls. You probably have some of the same outfits and colors in YOUR closet!

Jo-Ann Stores had carry mix and match outfits that fit most 18” dolls. Look for these pieces priced at $14.99:

• Black dress with zebra shoes

• Panda T-shirt with silver sequin skirt

• Pink T-shirt with metallic heart and denim jeggings with embellishments

• Blue hi-low shirt with silver glitter design and black tuxedo pants with silver trim on sides

• Cropped top with 2 color star and striped tank underneath and solid black leggings

• Metallic sweatshirt and polka dot pants in blue

• Friendship printed T-shirt with silver glitter design on black sleeve and polka dot pants in pink

• White T-shirt with Paris print, floral printed leggings and pink patent shoes

• Lavender hooded jacket, athletic pants and lavender trimmed shoes

• Lime Camisole, polka dot pajama pants and lamb slippers

• Pink shrug over polka dot top, jean skirt and polka dot shoes

• Purple gown with gold glitter design on purple tulle, white gloves and black patent shoes


Why we love Springfield Collection

As the Springfield Collection proudly explains on its website,, “we know the importance of imagination and creative play in a young girl’s life.”


Follow Springfield Collection Online


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Meet Edwin!




We are all about fun technology that can help our kids grow. We also are huge fans of technology that grows with them. Of course ideally we’d prefer ones that they will continue to play with long after the day that they receive it. Another important factor is that it can be used for various situations, not just quick learning, but complete lifestyle.

Enter Edwin The Duck! Now for those of you that are close to me, I’m sure you are saying “wait, what?” since you know that I am petrified of ducks – yes, that’s correct, ducks! But no one can resist a cute little rubber duck that has an animated personality as well. I am a fan of Donald and Daffy, so just the real live ducks are the ones I’m scared of.

Edwin is a friend who lives in your child’s hands and on your mobile device in the form of an animated character. Your child will be immersed in a world of games, stories, songs, and lessons within a collection of apps, using Edwin to control the animated Edwin. As your child grows, so will Edwin, offering more and more rich content.


Fun Features & Modes of Edwin

Story Time with Edwin The Duck

Story Time: Edwin has an entire world to discover, and his adventures will invite your child to help him solve problems and overcome obstacles he encounters along the way. Through SQUACK™ Technology, with a few taps, turns, and twists, your child will learn how to control the animated Edwin within the app.

We love story time and Abigail especially loves having Edwin do things. As a mom, I love the reiteration offline, like the moments that I can say “Remember how we helped tidy up Edwin’s room with Edwin? Now it’s time to tidy up this room!” She gets it, no complaints, and it makes clean up a breeze (for that moment).


Play Time with Edwin


Play Time: Together with Edwin, your child will explore fun, educational games that are developmentally designed for your child’s age. Edwin becomes your child’s teacher and helps them to learn and grow. 

Abby is obsessed with shapes right now, so this is definitely her favorite game. We are lucky to have an amazing sitter that watches her while Billy and I work that works with her on shapes, so this game helps to reiterate that learning. She gets so excited when she gets the shapes correct!


Sing With Edwin


Song Time: Equipped with a BLUETOOTH® Speaker, Edwin will dance across the screen while streaming original music. 

Who doesn’t love music? We are big fans of listening to music, making our own music, and singing.  Abby loves dancing and singing with Edwin. It is pretty adorable.


[embedplusvideo height=”315″ width=”560″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=_pvUFYkqFYg&width=560&height=315&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep2309″ /]

Sleepy Time:  An included lullaby will stream through Edwin, and by giving his wing a firm tap, he will provide a soft glowing nightlight. Your child will sleep soundly with Edwin the Duck’s companion Sleepy Time app, which includes white noise sounds, additional lullabies, and timer and nightlight controls. 

This is my most favorite feature. Probably because both Abby and I always sleep with a sound machine myself and this app has those features, such as rain, creek, etc. Bringing Edwin along on our families adventures doubles as having our sound machine. The lullabies are beautiful too.

download (3)

Splash Time: Completely waterproof, Edwin makes the perfect bath time companion like millions of rubber duckies before him. His unique design enables him to float and ensures him to be fully mold resistant while your child enjoys their favorite bath time tunes!

This truly is an adorable feature. I know that it makes bath time that much longer for us, but he’s super cute and we have a great time.

Edwin The Duck


More About Edwin

Edwin is the world’s first Smart Duck a learning toy with personality designed to be your child’s new best friend. Utilizing SQUACK™ Technology and a companion app, children can control Edwin on the screen with a turn, tap or tilt of the rubber duck toy. App content includes:

*Play* – Educational games teach shapes, colors, letters, and numbers.
*Learn* – Stories emphasizing self-confidence and good decision-making.
*Sing* – Edwin (waterproof) can splash and play in the bath, shower or pool while streaming original content or a favorite playlist.
*Dream* – Use the separate “Edwin Lullaby” app to adjust the color of Edwin’s LED nightlight and play exclusive lullabies/white noise.

App News

Edwin‘s next series of stories, songs, and games are currently underway — stay tuned for notifications!
As announced last month, Edwin‘s Sleepy Time app is now available in the App Store, free for a limited time! View our latest “how to” video for a feature overview and brief tutorial here.
Android development is progressing! The app is available to explore in Google Play, with interactions between Edwin and his app being finalized. We will announce full compatibility details soon!

Edwin Tips

Connect Edwin as a wireless Bluetooth speaker to any BT enabled device to stream your favorite music
Tap firmly with one finger on Edwin‘s wing to illuminate his nightlight

In the News

Edwin received a 4-star review in iPhone Life, with the reviewer callingEdwin “this year’s best toy yet!”
MacWorld featured Edwin in an iOS Accessories wrap up, dubbing him as the “Rubber Duckie from the future.”
Local TV channel WTHR was excited to hear about Edwin‘s availability in Apple Stores and ran a segment on the evening news. You can watch the coverage here!

Edwin Events

Catch Edwin at these upcoming events:
  • Jan 6-9: CES, Sands Expo Booth 74366, Las Vegas, NV
  • Jan 27-Feb 1: Spielwarenmesse (International Toy Fair), Nuremberg, Germany

Follow Along on Edwin’s Adventures

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Hot Holiday Toy: Cabbage Patch Kids Limited Edition Dolls

Cabbage Patch Limited Edition 18 inch Dolls

I remember loving my Cabbage Patch Kids as a child. In fact, I still have my Cabbage Patch Kids.  My daughter received a Cabbage Patch baby doll for her first Christmas from my sister.  I know that this year Santa will be back with some more Cabbage Patch Kids too.  This year there are Toys “R” Us Exclusive Limited Edition Cabbage Patch Dolls that are the cutest.  There is Sofia Lorraine and Violet Anne.  We love that Wicked Cool Toys has launched the “BIG” kids that are 18 inches tall.


About The NEW Cabbage Patch BIG Kids & Wicked Cool Toys

Just like you, the Cabbage Patch Kids are growing up! And now, for the first time ever, Wicked Cool Toys has introduced the Cabbage Patch BIG Kids! Each 18” Big Kid is an extremely limited edition in nature and will be retired after a short production run.  The accessories and dresses will match the Kid’s unique personality and will be the highest end CPK apparel ever.  There are only 2 Styles that launched Fall 2015 – the Class President (Violet Anne) and Ballerina (Sofia Lorraine) and include their birth certificate. Ages 6+, SRP: $99.99. Available at and select Toys “R” Us Stores.

There are only 1000 pieces of each style produced and once they are gone there will be no more available for purchase as they will retire.


About Sofia Lorraine & Violet Anne

CPK Limited Edition 18 inch Big Kid Performer Ballerina Sofia Lorraine


Totally poseable, 18 inches tall, Sofia Lorraine is the Performer Ballerina. Accessories include: matching CPK tote, bracelet, pretend Swan Lake Tickets for BabyLand General Hospital Theatre and extra bow clips for her hair. Birth Certificate and Adoption papers are also included with adoption. The Big Kid has an all vinyl head and body and the sweet baby powder scent. Recommended for ages 6+


CPK Limited Edition 18 inch Big Kid Violet Anne

Totally poseable, 18 inches tall, Violet Anne is the Class President. Accessories include: matching CPK backpack, CPK ruler, CPK ledger book and extra bow clips for her hair. Birth Certificate and Adoption papers are also included with adoption. The Big Kid has an all vinyl head and body and the sweet baby powder scent. Recommended for ages 6+


For More Information Visit Cabbage Patch Kids Facebook Page


We were not compensated for this post, nor did we receive any of the above mentioned products.  We are sharing this great information with you because we love sharing the toys that we are passionate about. 

Jenn GaffneyHot Holiday Toy: Cabbage Patch Kids Limited Edition Dolls
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LEGO & Scooby Doo Take to Youtube

below is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own

A while ago we brought you new videos by WB Kids on Youtube. It was all about how DCKIds & WBKids are on Youtube.  For those of you that are Lego & Scooby Doo fans, you are in luck!!  I know that my sitter grew up and one of the only TV shows she watched as a kid was Scooby Doo.  Abby and Riley enjoy watching it at her house when it’s on, so they totally love it as well.  Add in another fun element that they love – LEGOS, and you have these fun new videos.

Lego Scooby Doo Youtube

Check out these amazing Scooby-Doo stop motion videos created using the brand new LEGO Scooby-Doo sets!  New videos will be uploaded weekly – so be sure to visit and subscribe to the WB Kids YouTube channel.


But it gets better, just complete an action below and you can enter to win one of four $200 gift cards from Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us & Amazon.!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jenn GaffneyLEGO & Scooby Doo Take to Youtube
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A Blast at Blogger Bash – VIP Style

Many of you know how much we looked forward to BBNYC, and how much fun we had while there. This year we decided to “go big, or go home” and opted for the VIP ticket experience.  I knew once they released the dates for it that I was going, and immediately requested off for it.




Wednesday, July 15th

Delta Children VIP Cocktail Party

While we started out with a damp and rainy start we made it to the city, checked into our catholic hostel room (post on that later), and went to Getting Gorgeous.  From there we went back to the room, got situated and headed to enjoy our Blogger Bash Experience!

Our VIP experience started at Delta Children’s Showroom. We checked out everything they had, and immediately my ovaries started to hurt wanting another baby, especially once I saw the bassinets (which we used a Delta one), beautiful Mickey Mouse Nursery Furniture, and Princess Nursery Furniture.  We love Delta, as we have the Delta Bentley Crib in Abigail’s Room.


That was short lived until I saw the cute Minnie Mouse toddler bed. Which I absolutely adore and am figuring out how this will work in Abby’s Vintage Fantasyland Bedroom.




We also got to see all of the standard children’s furniture that they have that you can find at Toys R Us, etc.  I’m thinking about one of these beds for my sitter’s house. It may come in handy once Abigail transitions to a bed.  She’s too big for her pack n play. We also saw the chairs that we love and own, as well as great little umbrella strollers.



After that, we headed up to their rooftop to lounge, have some more delicious food (the sushi was incredible) and take in some pretty amazing sights. It was beyond incredible.



Thursday, July 16th

Care Bears Share Your Care Brunch

We were super excited to wakeup and get our day started.  The one benefit of our hotel, is that it was a quick 5-10 minute walk to Pier 60.  So we walked to the pier and checked in and headed over to breakfast.  The awesome part of being VIP is that there were tables in the front that were reserved for us.  We even had our own little special “fast pass” line that was next to the regular ticket holders.  We were let into the room first.



We spent the morning enjoying such delicious brunch items.  The room was beyond perfect for such an event.  I thought I had taken a great photo that morning, but alas I did not.  However, I love this photo that Sarah from How I Pinch A Penny took.

Blogger Bash Brunch


PC Sarah Mock @howipinchapenny

In our time there we got to meet Cheer Bear, learn about the loving attributes that make all of the Care Bears special and stand out across many different decades. We learned that some of our favorite stars are Care Bear fanatics, like Channing Tatum and Seth Green.





I was excited when we found out that Care Bears and Cousins will be airing on Netflix staring November 6th.  I personally cannot wait for that.  Then we learned how young Zach Kaplan is making a difference with the #ShareYourCare movement.

July 16, 2015 at 0508AM


Zach raised $1200 for Typhoon Haiyan Relief.  He sold KIND bars outside of the grocery store so that he could earn funds to give back to those in need.  This year, Zach wants to make sure that every homeless child has a Care Bear to snuggle with at bedtime.  We were so glad to see that the Care Bears will be helping make that wish come true.

So incredible that a simple wish that other children had a bear to sleep with...@carebearsfriend is helping young Zach do just that! #ShareYourCare #BBNYC



VIP Amrita Singh Jewelry Grab


After all that inspiring and motivational brunch was over, we walked back to the event space and then VIP attendees got to attend an Amrita Singh Jewelry Grab. There were so many amazing pieces that I wish to add to my accessory collection.   So many beautiful options. I was a huge fan of the green necklace that I tried on.  (I also love Briton radmomcoolkid behind me with her photobomb)


We also got to learn about the jewelry trends that are happening.  There are 5 different trends currently that are all of the rage.  1. Luxe Black and Gold – Gold accessories with black details makes every look chic, and adds a glow and warmth to the wearer. 2. 70s – The 70’s came back this summer. For fall a simplified twist makes it modern. Focus onits traditional movement or embrace its geometry for a strong statement. 3. Symbols & Spirituality – Incorporate symbols from around the world and make a powerful fashion statement. The organic vibe of this Fall trend brings you closer to nature & showcases your personal spirituality. 4. Pearls – The power of pearls is strong and elegant. For Fall, classic meets modern giving you unique details and versatile styles by incorporating new colors and graceful shapes. 5. Headdresses – Exude confidence with this unique trend that can highlight the perfect up do. It’s a simple piece that can take your look to a new level.

If you are looking to update your accessories, you can check out Amrita Singh online and order.

VIP The Ride NYC





Then it was time to get ready for THE RIDE NYC.  Acclaimed as “Part Tour.  Part Show. Total Entertainment”.  It was a pretty cool tour bus that had stadium seating, a fantastic sound system, and fun guides.  We enjoyed a little tour around the city complete with vocal performances and some beautiful dancing.  My favorite was the ballet that happened at Columbus Circle.




It was time for my most favorite part of BBNYC – Sweet Suite!! It truly is the Biggest Night of Play, and we love to have a great time playing with all the toys.  This year it was absolutely beyond my expectations.  There were so many different brands represented and the food was beyond amazing.   We knew we were in for the time of our lives when we were greeted by these beautiful ladies.


As I entered the party, I saw one of my favorites Just Play Toys so I was excited to stop and see what was in store for them! I had a quick preview of these items back when I went to Toy Fair, and I got to see some of the headliners that I’m excited to see released, such as the new Doc McStuffins Vet Clinic.  Abigail is absolutely obsessed with both Sheriff Callie and Doc McStuffins.  We watch it on repeat constantly, so I am excited for these new episodes to air, and the new role playing toys that go with it.

I know that it is definitely going to be happening sometime soon since all of my local Target stores just clearanced out most of the Doc McStuffins merchandise they have to make way for the new stuff!



From that moment on, it was seriously a blur.  We had so much fun playing with everything and interacting with all of the brand reps that it felt like the time just rushed by.  Even with the extra hour VIP access at 3pm, I feel like we didn’t get to see absolutely everything.



Some highlights on certain things that definitely stood out to us are:

  • Let’s start with my ultimate favorite – that is definitely going on the Christmas Wish List.  VTech Kiddizoom Action Cam. It’s pretty  much a GoPro for kiddos.  I would love to have them wear it on their helmet, or mount it to their bike just to see what their adventures look like through their eyes.  Not to mention $59.99 is a pretty sweet price point. Did I also mention, it comes with a waterproof case and can go up to 6 feet underwater!
  • Next up from VTech is Flipsies. First off they are so stinking adorable and each of the Flipsies has their own storyline.  I love that it is the advanced version of their smart point technology, the MagicPoint Technology.  They will be hours of fun for many little girls.
  • Moodsters are pretty incredible.  Little ones cannot always express the emotions that they are feeling, especially if they cannot identify them.  We have some trying times with my 2 year old, and especially my 4 year old niece who has serious anxiety issues (rightfully so).  Being able to talk to the creator of this ingenius tool for parents and caregivers, Denise Daniels gets it, beyond “gets it”.  She is absolutely incredible and extremely passionate.  She developed them as a tool for hospital nurses to use with their pediatric patients.  She says “Emotional intelligence can have a lifelong effect on children’s behavior, relationships, physical and emotional well-being, as well as school success”.  I’ve already downloaded the activity sheets to do with the kiddos.
  • LeapFrog Leap Pad Platinum – Did you know that this tablet for kiddos comes with WIFI! It has KidSafe Web so you can rest assured your kid will only see age appropriate content. It’s built to last with a shatter proof screen.

I could go on and on about everything we saw, but for now this will have to do!

Friday, July 17th

Disney Infinity Breakfast


Another awesome breakfast is where we started our day, with amazing food once again.  We got to learn all that was in store for the new Disney Infinity 3.0.  Which is releasing the Star Wars empire into the Disney Infinity world.  By the end of the release there will be over 100 characters total.

July 17, 2015 at 0313AM

After we finished our breakfast it was time for sessions and panels back at the event space.  We attended our first panel that was about creating branded video.  I wish I could say that it was about tips and tricks you could do to create those videos that stood out to brands, but it really wasn’t.  It was more or less what brands look for when looking to work with bloggers.  While that information is definitely great and useful, it was knowledge that I was already made aware of.

I then headed over to Baby Palooza because I was looking forward to seeing Anne Geddes again! Before that started, I walked around and checked out the different brands that were represented.  I stopped by Ella’s Kitchen , Earth’s Best and then it was time to listen to Anne.  I was so excited to get another book signed by her at the event.  I cannot wait to get My Little Pumpkin, one of her baby board books, because that was my nickname growing up – and is Abby’s.



Peanuts Lunch

It was then time for lunch, so we headed back over to Currents for our lunch with The Peanuts Gang.  We would be able to listen to the voices behind the upcoming movie. They were amazing kids, and the actor that does the voice for Linus was an absolute riot! They had everyone cracking up.  We even took a photo with Francesca (Little Red Haired Girl) since Lana’s girls are obsessed with Dog With a Blog.


It was at that point that we rushed to another non-BBNYC event. In hindsight we probably should have spent some time in the Rite Aid Refresh & Recharge Lounge.  Sadly, by the time we got back they had closed up.  We did take the opportunity to speak to the rest of the brands at the Expo though.

Canadian Lentils Closing Carnival

I originally said that Blogger Bash is a party like you’ve never been to before.  That definitely sums up the closing carnival. It was INCREDIBLE.  There was a woman hanging from the chandelier pouring champagne,  jugglers, contortionist, a band, etc. It was out-of-this world.  We had such a blast, the food (all made from lentils) was delicious and we had so much fun playing games.


We had an amazing time, as we expected we would.  We met new friends along the way, we enjoyed ourselves, we connected with  brands we had never met before, and spent some time with those that we already work with.  We cannot wait until the dates for 2016 are released!! Thank you so much to the BBNYC Team! 

Jenn GaffneyA Blast at Blogger Bash – VIP Style
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