There Is Still Time To Shop Local for Unique Personal Gifts

In full disclosure the below items were provided for review purposes. 

There Is Still Time To Shop Local for Unique Personal Gifts 

I am a gift giver that really thinks about the gifts that I give. I try to find gifts that are unique, one-of-a-kind, and true to the person that I am giving it to. In my searches, I have found that there are some really great local companies that carry just what I’m looking for.  They are all unique in their own ways, and definitely something that your special someone would love to receive.

Beautiful Sea Glass Jewelry From Wave of Life

Wave of Life

il_570xN.841820242_llztChakra Sea Glass Beaded Energy Healing Yoga Seven 7 Boho Chic Lotus Mala Bracelet by Wave of Life™  $29.00

This sea glass Chakra Bracelet contains all 7 Chakra colors. A perfect way to remember to stay balanced throughout your day. Each chakra color is represented by 7 sea glass beads of each individual color. One end of the bracelet, at the end of the red chakra, contains a lotus flower charm. These 6mm beads have been lovingly tumbled to create beautiful sea glass beads to wear and treasure. This bracelet is a wrap bracelet created from memory wire and will maintain its shape.

Working full-time for Rizzieri Salons, Spa, and Schools over the years, I’ve been introduced to many different beauty and wellness brands.  We are Aveda Concept and that means I’ve had the pleasure of learning a lot about their sensory journeys and chakra products.  Since I have recently learned about the different chakras and have seen the personal affects of them in my own body, I love this bracelet. It is absolutely stunning and gorgeous. It is a perfect gift. 

il_570xN.811006047_rxakOcean Wave Necklace Mixed Sea Glass Caribbean Blue Cobalt Sterling Silver Locket Necklace Summer Style Boho Beach by Wave of Life™ $43.00

Our Wave of Life locket with a beautiful combo of Caribbean Blue and Cobalt Blue sea glass. Wear this locket to remind yourself that no matter where you are in life, embrace it and keep riding! A perfect way to carry a bit of the sea with you always. This listing is for a sterling silver lotus locket which includes a sterling silver 18 inch wave design chain. (Picture shown with an american dime & is to give you an idea of locket size only.) Locket and necklace chain are sterling silver. How many pieces each locket holds will vary according to their size & to make sure they fit nicely in the locket.

Growing up in Southern NJ my entire life, I fondly remember the summer vacations my family used to take to the Jersey Shore.  The days that I would spend in the sun and the sand always come back to me when I think of summer. I can remember spending hours at a time as a child in the ocean at Ocean City. This beautiful custom locket evokes those wonderful memories and is a perfect reminder of carefree days. 


il_570xN.508701301_lk6dBlue Sea Glass Anchor Nautical Necklace by Wave of Life™  $17.00

A piece of cobalt blue sea glass and a pretty little silver anchor create this one of a kind nautical necklace. With this, you may always have a bit of the sea wherever you go. This piece comes attached to a bit of waxed cotton cord for an earthy, boho chic look (simply tie in a little bow).

My youngest sister has a love for all things nautical.  She is very fond of anchors, and truth be told we actually have matching anchor tattoos on our feet. She got hers first, and then I wanted one as well. I got mine for her, because she has always been someone in my life that has “anchored” me and helped me hold it together. I love this piece for her and know that it will be a perfect gift.  Not to mention, she is engaged and getting married – this would be a beautiful “something blue” piece that would be able to go on her bouquet. 

Dune Jewelry Regatta Ring

Custom Jewelry From Dune Jewelry Tells a Story

Dune Jewelry Regatta Ring $84.00

The Dune Jewelry Collection is the perfect “every day” accessory. They are unique by design and priceless in sentiment!  Dune Jewelry the Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company® is very unique because their patented designs are custom made with beach sand!  With Dune Jewelry‘s Sandbank you have a choice of thousands of sands/locations worldwide, spanning all 7 continents. Sand provides a vast array of colors and textures that will surprise (and delight) you! ​Have a special travel memory? With *Dune Jewelry*, you have the option to send in your own sand!

All of Dune Jewelry‘s items have a lifetime warranty, come with care instructions and literature that indicates the source of the sand. There is something for both men and women in the Dune Collection. This particular Regatta Ring is available in whole sizes 5-9.
Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.27.53 AM

I received this beautiful sterling silver design that is accented with a nautical rope detail surrounding beach sand from Cape May and layered to a glass-like, domed finish. I chose Cape May as it was at the Cape May Lighthouse where my husband asked me to marry him.

It is a very special place for us, not only was it where he asked me to begin our life together as husband and wife, it was also where he took me on our first “official” date, where we started off our relationship. I cherish this beautiful statement piece and wear it daily.

Just Jersey Local Goods

Jewelry and Gifts from Just Jersey Local Goods Are Unique & Personal

Just Jersey NJ Charm Necklace Stia CoutureNew Jersey Charm Necklace by Stia Couture $35.00

This beautiful dainty necklace is very simple and elegant.  We love that it is an everyday piece that can be worn with any outfit.  It is very feminine and small, making it a perfect gift for any special someone in your life, be it a tween, teen, or adult.  

It is just a tiny little touch of home that you can carry with you always.  We think that these NJ pieces are a perfect gift for that college student that is away from home. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.43.57 AMNJ Pendant Necklace by Stia Couture $45.00

Wear and share your state pride with a tiny NJ pendant on 16″ satellite chain.  Available in 14K Gold Filled Chain or 925 Sterling Silver.

Another beautiful dainty necklace from Just Jersey Local Goods is the NJ Pendant Necklace by Stia Couture.  Just like the Charm Necklace this is the perfect piece for everyday.  Again, small and dainty and goes for any occasion.  The pieces are very delicate so you need to be very careful when putting it on and removing it. 

Just Jersey - NJ Cutout Bangle Stia CoutureNJ Cutout Bangle by Stia Couture $35.00

A Jersey bangle to add to your stack!  Available in Sterling and 14K Gold Plated.  Hook closure.

We love how this bangle matches perfectly with the NJ Pendant Necklace.  It is also perfect to wear on any occasion including everyday wear.  It has a very simple understated elegance. It is great to stack with any other bracelet and makes a perfect statement piece. 

NJ Counties Print from Just Jersey Goods

NJ Counties Print 12 x 18 by Alex Wilson Design $54.00

12 x 18 Print of New Jersey Counties, defined by a handdrawn font which outlines the approximate boundary of each.  Framed in simple black frame, no mat.  Choose from blue or green color theme or request your own for a custom look.

Another great gift idea for those that may have moved from their roots. Every piece is different from one another, and is absolutely beautiful.  We love the typography and the colors in the blue one. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.42.35 AM

NJ-Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board by Parkman $50.00

Another Just Jersey exclusive!  A beautifully rendered bamboo cutting board, different from all the others because it is made right here in the Garden State.  Dimensions are 15″ in length and width ranges from 3.5 at the narrowest point to 9″ at the widest.

For the gourmet chef in your life this cutting board is a perfect gift.  When you are attending your holiday parties and events, it makes a perfect hostess present. It works as a fabulous backdrop for cheese displays, etc.  It looks so beautiful, they won’t even want to use it, but rather display it. 

Jenn GaffneyThere Is Still Time To Shop Local for Unique Personal Gifts

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